Talk About Club Music, Its Present, Styles, History, Understand

Why do people become dignify music club? That it is of itself today and what has changed since then, when club music was novinku.V early 90's progressive youth listening to rave and inostranschinu. Under inostranschinoy means all the music that was not in Russian. Now this music just dance 90. Gradually, with the development of modern musical concepts, people began to distinguish already music by styles. Naturally, the most modern music "chased" in clubs and discos. Since then the information was not enough, because the Internet was still little developed, and about him, many do not even hear anything, many simply do not know how to name the music style and called it simply – "Club music", ie Music played in the club.

DJs then played on the cassette. It was already 21 and every young person will be able to distinguish at least trance (trance) by the Hausa (house) and from the drum and bass (drum and bass). Today in the clubs are not just some halophytes and thematic sets and not even just one style, and by subgenre, for example, only progressive house. To date, the music club called in when they want to say about what music people listen implying that he and trance and house would be nice. Information on the club music now abound. You can get information not only from the usual even for the modern man the internet, but from thematic journals. A music can now not only with the stock purchase at any store selling music, but also through online stores or even just download club music to mp3 for free. Want a car 'music program', but not one that runs on the computer, but the one under which the earlier is a set of songs to listen to? Now they also can be consolidated into a single track, this is called a mix.

You are free to download the mix and is absolutely free to enjoy your favorite music, because now a lot of divorced computer DJs, which reduce the mixes directly to your computer. With the development of computers people themselves began to make club music. So now anyone who wants can listen to not only music, but also create their own. Now that the club was popular, you need to play only a new club music. Some party-goers deliberately go to the party, not only to dance but to listen news of club music. Of course the best club music you can search portals, and sites with club music, where you can download popular tracks. And who would have thought that anyone could look at the hit parade of club music and download new items. It seems that this phrase – "club music" will live forever, at least until such time as long as people listen to music and going to clubs.