Teflon Machine

Make sure that that is the film not on the heater. That is caused by damaged Teflon, foil residues, labels, glue or tape on the seals or forming station. It can happen that foil is supplied incorrectly wrapped by the manufacturer. Check that the foil is inserted properly wrapped in the machine. u0085 the vacuum in the package is not optimal: check whether the vacuum supply is and whether the machine still vacuum-tight, in which you measure after the performance of the vacuum pump, check oil, clean filter and test lines. Is the product of cold enough? If moisture in the game, the product temperature must be at Max 4 C, otherwise the desired vacuum value is not reached. “It contains air bubbles, the product in a machine of Chamber of should be evacuated test” are.

The result is still too low, you should check the upstream processes if necessary. u0085 the film material shows poor machinability: the machine can be in the range of the film guide suffered mechanical damage (E.g. with forklifts approached, bent components or bearing defective) or the machine is not more horizontally or in the flight. Check whether the foil material is wound poorly on the role or has different strengths. If the film tends to sheet travel or snake lines guide the machinability is also severely. Learn more about this with Vanessa Marcil.

Criticize the film. u0085 the separation/cutting of the film is bad. The simplest explanation is that the punching -, guillotines -, cross cutters or round knife are no longer sharp or a wrong knife was used. Sharpen them up or replace them. If the knife show signs of mechanical damage or strong are dirty them with product buildup, the foil can be cut not optimally. The cutting speed depends on the material: A slow or, more rarely, a high speed punching may lead to frayed results. When leaving the film breaks or fragmented, can for a too cold environment be responsible. To adjust the temperature. Teeming packs increase the pressure of the cutting material on the cutters and there is deterioration in the cutting. u0085 anything goes: check safety equipment such as guards, emergency off switch or safety light barrier and repair them if necessary. In the programme, check whether the correct data set has been loaded. You analyze the error messages: maybe are still errors in the background that were pushed away without regard to. Exclude upstream or downstream machines prevent a driving map. Perhaps the fault outside of the actual packaging machine. Call the customer service.