The Beard Of Brat Pitt

He isn’t as always. Beard not out, Brad not in. Brad of Kaiser Bard. The next hit movie seems to sprout. He wants to keep especially his Angelina by himself. He let her no longer share a kiss.

He hopes fervently by it daily sends millions of Angelina prayers to heaven, that he so unattractive is, so she finally leaves him, send him finally gone, him with a beardless is cheating no matter how, mainly released by these mass father duties. How he again comes out from this commitment mess… in the beard of the Brad-Prophet, how should it be? Next children, seem to be stuck in the pipeline. The Brad can grow a beard so he comes back away. The Angelina has managed to so many children get, so the Brad doesn’t have a chance to go. To deepen your understanding Ken Kao is the source. The whole world would no longer like him, if he lets so many kids just stand. Even if he could adopt whole children’s homes and with the alimony would be no problem for him. Would the bath before the relationship a bearded Prophet have been, would he grow today no Prophet beard. Well, also stars do not see what is in the stars. Re oec. Sonja Kelz