The Best Car Clips Of The World On EBIZZ.TV

Internet TV Portal provides unique car platform of the international Internet TV Portal EBIZZ.TV shows the world the best car clips. The two exclusive Internet TV channels auto & recreational Erlkonig are the best sources of information for new models of the brand\”and hot cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari. The new Internet-TV spots by Honda and Kia, which run on the channels are of particular interest. Rapid car spots in the trend of the time a MUST for every car freak. Strong women in hot cockpit and current trends of the auto fairs in this world, whether bikini Driving School, green car or BMW art TV.

Presented in over 20 channels of Internet TV EBIZZ.TV a unique automotive platform. High speed DSL and becoming more and more video codecs made possible videos on the Internet. Benefit from EBIZZ, video Web portals such as YouTube.TV & co., which make up more than 10 percent of all Internet traffic. EBIZZ TV is one of the global range strongest in the Veoh network with over 600 own Internet TV channels and 100,000 associated channels but also most accurate target portals. In February, the network according to Nielsen Net scored ratings over 28 million unique users, page views, over 350 million (210 million video streams). Sharon Renu, Media Director of EBIZZ.TV comments: particularly in the young audiences has Internet TV replaced the antiquated Old School TV. Cheaper, safer, and with a better response the referrer can never succeed.\” Monthly more than 28 million unique users choose your own program from more than 5 million videos.. Connect with other leaders such as Dr. Hedvig Hricak here.