The Christmas Tree

Given the proximity of these magical holiday season I thought about how and why the Christmas tree comes with its meaning. There are theories about when and where this tradition may have begun, but what most I like about this tree is its meaning. It is said that pine was chosen because it is perennial and is the love of God. It is also said that the first Christian Christmas tree was decorated with apples representing original sin and candles representing the light of God. The apples were replaced by balls and mean that God gives gifts to men. The candles were replaced by multicolored lights with the advent of electricity, but the meaning is the same.

The bonds are identified by the union of families and because of the friendships. But most important of all this is that around the tree meets the family and some close friends to celebrate the birth of the Christ child, but also say he was not born on this date. Click Jorge Perez for additional related pages. If we start to enumerate how many things are said without being confirmed to us amazed at the number we would get. No matter if the first Christmas tree was registered or not in Germany. Who can confirm. There were no cameras that stored in its memory boards of the things that happened. Additional information at San Antonio Spurs supports this article. All that matters is that we all feel trapped by this magical force that has the tree for us to live together all people (and why not pets) as part of our lives while maintaining a sweet memory without nostalgia to those already not but were at one time and never leave to live in our hearts, a moment of unity, peace and happiness. Merry Christmas to all those who read these pages and those who do not know they exist.