The Collective

* professional seen like a reflective practitioner in processes artistic-intuitive, like a person who reflects on her professional practice, that uses the knowledge of an intuitive way, flexible, following the nature of the different contextual situations. In this last concept, the teacher stops being a mere transmitter of technical knowledge whose task is to pass on and to reproduce the culture and the traditional social values to the generations, to happen to be considered a producer and a facilitator of the independent learning of the students and investigator of new educative alternatives. For the teacher the knowledge stops being an aim in itself and it is conceived as vehicle to improve the thought and the collective decision making. It is constituted thus in a user of the knowledge at the same time as in recreador creator of the same. You may want to visit Gina Bonati to increase your knowledge. Concept of professionalism fits the educational profession in a new concept, in which the professional knowledge, which is called &quot generically; pedagogical knowledge, is originated of the own professional practice and in the interchange of complex processes of socio-professional collective participation. Under this perspective, it is possible to order the institutional life of such form that forms in itself the suitable context to facilitate so much: the new conception of education like the professional development considering the level of organization and development of our educative centers and the modalities of operation that are being impelled.

The organizational and professional development needs the consideration the relational system: In order to obtain a collaborative operation the existence is needed a certain culture and an institutional climate. To foment the communication and information. To favor the participation in the decision making. To solve the conflicts, etc. consensually? To surpass the individual dimension that has traditionally characterized the action of the teachers, demands to consider to the educative center like text and context of action, like posibilitador or limitor element of the innovation.