The Combination

Consequently, the combined number 639 of the fourth group of numbers from 30 to 36 the number of numbers involved-35. Thus, the combination of ICG participates 639 numbers – the numbers C and INC – C2 numbers with the numbers: 4,5,6,16,35. 4. Construction of an algorithm the modeling of combinations and sequences of five numbers from 36 numbers in = 376 992 options. According to the results we can construct an algorithm to produce numbers and ICG INC numbers and sequences of five numbers from 36 numbers in these one of the combinations = 376 992 combinations.

1.Rasschet numerical parameters for the game: to determine the 5 numbers from 36 numbers = 376 992 combinations. 2. Create a group in numerical sequence numbers from 1 to 36 numbers. 3.Po these groups of numbers up combination of numbers, which are formed from all the variants of the 5 numbers in = 376 992 combinations. 4.Sostavit model combinations of 5 numbers of combinations of numbers in groups of numbers, as well as their constituent sub-model combinations of numbers. 5.Raschitat numerical parameters for these models, combinations of groups of numbers and patterns of combinations of sub-numbers.

6.Po received data to determine the arithmetic mean of the repetitions to 36 1nomera numbers, combinations of these models numbers. 7. Define a model combination of groups of numbers. 8. Define the model in its sub-combinations of numbers. 8. Determine the sequence of 5 numbers out of 36 numbers for a combination of sub-model calculated the numbers of a = 376 992 option.