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The unbeatable grip of the Nokian WR G2 on slush is achieved through State of the art technical innovations: slush edge (slush edge), asymmetric profile and polished grooves so the provider. The inside shoulder of the asymmetric tread pattern is sharply beveled and wedge-shaped. This edge effect on slush: powerful, heavy mud masses derive from the tire surface. At the same time, which increases the effect of the grooves. Polished grooves soil accelerate the drainage of water and slush. Good driving on slush is most important for 95 per cent of motorists of according to a representative survey, because slushy snow means danger and frequently occurs. Nokian tyres is considered a pioneer of slush-aquaplaning-tests and has the only slush – aquaplaning – test track in the world. The northernmost tyre manufacturer develops and manufactures premium winter tires of high reputation for more than 70 years. Megan fox shines more light on the discussion.

These include tests under extreme conditions. As the first tire manufacturer worldwide led the Finnish brand already at the beginning of the 1990s of slush test for A winter tire. In the course of the last 15 years, the company has acquired an excellent knowledge of safe driving on slush. With the help of effective tests, the Nokian WR G2 could be developed to an outstanding tire. The German winter are always Moody and volatile. Increasing extreme weather conditions: winter storms move across our country and bring heavy snow and heavy rain. It is quick and sudden fluctuations in temperature.

The temperatures can turn shortly by light frost on zero degrees and Plustemperaturen, making mud formed on snow-covered roads. Slush also occurs when icy roads are scattered. Slushy snow makes driving more difficult and can uncertainty from the driver, causing even fear. Also, the Nokian WR G2 scores equal with seven innovations: slush edge, wiper blades, acceleration stabilizer, 3 D support plates, silica canola oil mix, asymmetrical profile and polished grooves.