The History Of Ibiza

Ibiza traces its lineage from yesterday until today – history of Paryinsel the history of the island to about 2,000 BC, but the tracks are at the time less and less, so that you can find only a few certificates. Perhaps check out movie star for more information. Nevertheless, history experts assume that the development on the island similar to expired, as on the other islands of Mallorca and Menorca. Also on Ibiza, the Talayotic evolved to 1,600 BC. The Talayots were stone towers, which were built by the natives. These towers gave their name to the time.

Today it is also on the basis of found cave paintings of it from, that the island was first settled and cleared by Iberian peoples. From the seventh to the second century BC was the island under the rule of the Phoenicians, which city already built the first port in the present-day area of Ibiza. In the Puig de Molins, you will find unique testimonies from this time. It is one of the best-preserved necropolis in Europe. After the defeat of the Punic Wars, Ibiza was in the year 123 BC area under Roman influence. The Romans claimed the supremacy on the island. Today, there are still many testimonies from the time part the architecture in the old town of Ibiza city still very reminiscent the Roman rule.

In the year 711, the island was conquered by the Moors, which needed up to the year 1000, to secure their power on Ibiza. By the Moorish domination are still evidence of the Islamic period to find. When 1256 proclaimed the Kingdom of Majorca Jaume II. the island became part of the Kingdom. By Christoph Columbus discovered the new world, the importance of the Balearic Islands was killed as more and more into the background. Thus the Spanish interest in the island has vanished. So the island could be repeatedly targeted by pirate attacks. Only with the onset of mass tourism as the main island of Mallorca the island gaining again. Looking for an apartment Ibiza best times. Today, it is a very popular holiday destination. Stefan Flach