The Individual

But now, with States democratic with millions of inhabitants and thousands of square kilometers, was created the formula of representative democracy. View democracy as the right and even the duty, or freedom, which citizens have of being able to choose who will be since its does oppressor?, thus creating a new form of aristocracy or elite ruler, that few have the power to make decisions (not always the most successful), they will define the fate of all. Then we watch a majority choosing the minority that dominates them or rules, without the possibility of choosing or not choosing, other forms of action. Not to mention to what extent these minorities will represent the interests of the vast majority or without even knowing if such participation in politics will continue after closed voting urns. In short, democracy is not a Government of the people, by the people and for the people, said Lincoln, but rather a tyranny elected by the people for their subjugation.

Modern democracy attempt to show a posture tending to the prominence and citizen participation, creating more institutions and organisms that reproduce greatly prevailing bureaucratization, which will reinforce more to the State than to the same people, since more recognition is given to the State than to the people (which can be conceived as the sum of the individuals of society) to the point that you can sacrifice the individual for the same State.

Democracy is a large suppressor I, because it melts in the mass collective interests or for reasons of State, when in fact subordinate to the interests of the ruling elite, believing the individual who is free and owner of his fate, and that there is a better government. Thus, for a politician, his fellow citizens are only votes to conquer, and for a General, only troops to his Office, a little more than pawns in chess, beings without soul or feelings, family people that that same oppressor do without elected by that democratico-representativo system, it will be always with you practice of demagoguery, where the party falls in love with and manipulate the elector for his unethical purposes, knowing that the town is who decides, but also knowing his reduced ability to choose the best.