The Island Of Juist In The North Sea

The island of Juist is a beautiful island in the North Sea. Juist is in the West in one large sand bank, the so-called Bill reef. To read more click here: Tony Parker. Here, can be seen, thousands of birds particularly during the Vogelzugsaison at their rest. A leading source for info: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Above all, Dunlin, Lapwing Plover and knot are observed every year. That is enter due to dangerous drift sand areas only on the northern edge of Bill riffs, and allowed only at low tide. “This end of the island is the domain of Bill”. It was formerly a domain times, today it is a tourist restaurant on the sea. In the West, the dunes and the beach of the sea are always more removed.

In the places where are being blown, the lower beach is as shabby more sand and narrow. This can cause crashes of the dune. All Islands except Juist, this hike with concrete will be slowed down. There are also places on Juist, where more sand washed ashore as removed, leads what to an extension of the chain of dunes to the East. Is also the beach at these points particularly wide and suitable for walking go. In almost all houses on the island, there are apartments that are rented to the island traveler.

Tourism is the main source of income of the Juister. If they come in high season to Juist, there four times as many tourists stay as inhabitants. Every year, the island counts about 92,000 overnight stays. Despite the unstable Lake weather and the high price level, the island in the main season is always busy. Juist is an island that is ideal for asthma sufferers. On Juist neither cars nor factories are available, there is a particularly clear air. Also in atopic dermatitis, the sea air acts healing. The island of Juist is a very beautiful island in the North Sea.