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The Maccabeas

Written By: - Mar• 12•14

When Antoco III, the Great one, wins the armies of the Ptolomeus, the Jews of apiam it to Jerusalem in this fight, according to Flvio Josefo1. The selucida party in Jerusalem is stronger of what the ptolomaico. Therefore, Jerusalem is contemplated a decree of Antoco III, in 197 B.C., that contains the following specifications: That a real contribution for the sacrifices is given, in animals, flour wine, oil, incense, flower, wheat and salt; The removed wood of the Jew and the Lebanon for the works of construction of the Temple and the porches is exempt of taxes; All the members of the Jewish people must live laws of its parents according to;

The Senate (gerousia), the priests, the scribes of the Temple and the singers of the Temple, are exempt of the capitation, the coronary tax and the tax on the salt, tax exemption. Three years for the current inhabitants of the city and for that to come in it to live until definitive date, so that the city is repovoada more fast. It is interesting to observe the measures of Antoco III on the taxes. The wood for the restoration of the Temple is exempt of the customs tax, that happens on all the merchandises in circulation. The Senate and the employees of the Temple are exempt of the capitation, collected personal tax of the adults.

They are exempt also of the tax what before he was spontaneous finishes institutionalized and obligator Tornado, only being able the king to grant the exemption. Still: the Senate and the Temple are exempt of the tax on the salt. This tax is known in Palestine and Babilnia. Probably paid determined value to the government, or perhaps, in the Palestine, that has good salt mines, if it has accepted the product ‘ ‘ in natura’ ‘. The inhabitants of the city, finally, are exempt during 3 years of the phros, the tribute, in silver or products, demanded of a province, a temple, thnos or a city, this last one being the case of Jerusalem.

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