The Moment

Although it sounds superfluous or contradictory, the unique battle that we can lose is the one that we are not arranged to win. Everything depends on us. Good, said this I offer the engaged tools you. It remembers that it is important that you learn a to use them with discipline, practice and, mainly FAITH. You must think that you are able to obtain what you set out. The actions that you undertake will not serve don’t mention it if absolutely you are not convinced that you are able to obtain them.

Acceptance. This it is the first step, and most important, to initiate the way of the overcoming. It is necessary that YOU ACCEPT what happened to you or is happening to you; to reject it or to apostatize against it will not serve don’t mention it, will only delay your process of treatment. It changes Why? through Good, it happened, now I must see to me what I do. Duel. Although it seems ironic, it is necessary to happen through a duel stage, and for this not necessarily it must have died somebody. When we happened through a rupture, the loss of a work, a little while difficult generally, is necessary that we take ourselves just a little bit from time to assimilate it well.

Dmonos a space, a breathing, a little while to think, thus soon we will return to the load with more force. To give forces us. It is always good for listening to the advice of the people whom we trusted, but the nobody best one than we for knowing what is that it impels to us to fight day to day. It thinks about all the reasons that you must to leave ahead, you even can make a list. They can be people, dreams, places the nobody best one than you for knowing it. To see the other side. To ask to us Why? he is absolutely useless, but to only ask to us Why? it can be beneficial in a certain sense. All the things happen through something, so we try to look for the positive side to him the subject. If a cycle were closed, will begin something better, if we lost something, we will win much more, is question to try to see the other side of the subject to maintain to us positive. New projects. After to have made our duel and have identified the reasons by which we want to follow ahead, arrives the moment for the action. We are already ready for to go to the field again, ilusionmonos with new projects, is the moment for returning to risk to us and for returning to trust, is something that never we must lose, is what is going to impel our capacity to maintain to us positive. To meditate. We do of meditation one daily practice in our life, is absolutely healthful for our mind. To reserve 15 to 30 minutes of our day to put our mind in target and soon to begin to visualize positive things will do an enormous good to us. The meditation is an essential tool so that we pruned to maintain our balance. If it becomes part from our routine, we will find many of the answers that we were looking for in those little minutes. I invite to you to put in practice these basic tools to maintain to us positive; they are quite simple, and they are worth the pain well.