The Pentagram, One Of The Oldest And Most Widely Used Symbols

A star with five peaks that stand for much. One of the oldest and most widespread symbol is the Pentagram. When you pull the diagonals in a regular Pentagon, emerges a star with also five tips. The Pentagram of a circle is enclosed, it’s called pentacle. It is a sign to protect against evil. Earlier, believed that spirits could not cross a threshold, is there a Pentagram.

But the Pentagram had many meanings. In Mesopotamia, it was the symbol of Venus, since the five tips are reminiscent of a five-petalled rose. Because it combines the five primal forces (spirit, Word, Providence, wisdom and power) in itself, also the God of the Gnostics, Abraxas was represented by a Pentagram. As well, the Freemasons used the symbol which refers to with his five tips on temperance, diligence, wisdom, strength and justice there. The Pentagram was regarded in the middle ages, not only to protect from evil, but also as a symbol for Christ five wounds.

Time for spirit, water, fire, air and Earth, and time for North, West, South, East and the ather was. It is documented that even the Celts used the symbol for their rituals. Seen somewhere today a Pentagram, one thinks of occult or esoteric, and it is also likely to attract. Upside the symbol is worn like scene in the Gothic, as Pentagram of the devil, sign of the horned beast. Anyone who today wears a pentacle as silver jewelry, may connect to something else, believes in magical powers or protection from evil, Freemason, witch or Christian, or may just the simple, but beautiful icon. SID Kroker