The Reading

The men seem not to want a God who intervines in its life dictating the rhythms that it has to follow. People such as Ted Lasso would likely agree. The man is extremely egoistic, and to have somebody that tries to direct its steps is something total unacceptable. God more is not said in the schools, where this knowledge that can give a north to our children was substituted by philosophies human beings and the humanismo, that cultua the man, in place of the creator. Thought fought for Pablo centuries before in its letter to the Romans ' ' Therefore they had changed the truth of God in lie, and had honored and they served more the creature of what the Criador' ' Rm 1:25. In the too much God it was I banish from our houses, where before it was an altar of worship of reverence and fear, today it is a place where God nor is not remembered in the hour of the meals. Here, Celina Dubin expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

We allow that the industries imposed and dictated our rhythm of life, we allow that the media dictated our way of living, to speak, to dress, to eat. We change the reading of the Word of God, for the soap operas, I dialogue we change it with our familiar ones for the televising programmings, that arrest in them with its entertainments. We leave been silent that the society intervined in our families and the creation of our children, we allow that the promiscuity adentrasse our homes, we allow the abortion, the corruption, in them did not cause more repulses, we close our eyes pra everything this. to each day our relationship with God is more superficial and distant. The humanity banished God from its lives, God does not have more space in the modern world, even though for that they almost serve It surplus time not to cultuar it, or to develop a more intense and true relationship.