The Republican

Equipment and branches of government, dislocated by this huge subdivision, stopped their normal processes. their leaders are nationalists and republicans began a series of reprisals against their enemies. a The process of conversion and order initiated by both sides was tragic and Most times, highly arbitrary. Summary trials, expropriation of land, property theft sumptuous selective annihilation, destruction of bourgeois property, murder of businessmen, journalists, liberals, intellectuals, large landowners, control of major industries, forced disappearances, rapes and excesses of all laya, was a woefully ritual in both normal. Unfortunately, the war waned well horrible injustices that each region, in recognition of his political position, he worked with extreme cruelty. Anarchists, fascists, democrats, conservative, revolutionary, socialist, communist, all avoided by the order and promoted mass confusion and chaos.

a In this sense, is to quantify the chilling genocide and cruelty which was applied to the Church. The Republican forces (leftist) put them in the top of their lists of extermination. For many revolutionaries represented the Church political paralysis, the enemy of freedom, pomp of wealth and the traditional support of the Right. The killing of members of the Church in Catalonia and Aragon was enormous. Thirteen bishops and over 6. 000 nuns and priests were killed during the first days of revolutionary frenzy. At no time in the history of Europe or even in world history had shown such unbridled hatred for religion and their works. The war had acted outlet for this hatred. Clerical crimes served to reinforce the world the image of a red Republic atheist.