The Whys

Then what if rather than stay in those negative thoughts you begin to concentrate on what you want to achieve and what do you think will support you? Instead of connecting you with your insecurities and your low self-esteem, you have to find connect to fund with the best parts of you and what you want to achieve to overcome you to this ugly sensation. The problems of lack of confidence in yourself can come from childhood or event in the past that caused you trauma or fears that make every little thing costing you a great effort. We could analyze why it happened what happened, Yes, but this is not matter of the coaching job. Rather than focusing on the origin and the whys of things, we focus on the for what, because we believe that there is always a benefit behind an attitude that, if us is not supporting, we will seek disarticulate for to continue swimming in the sea negatives? The only benefit that exists behind this is to stay in the comfortable zone, but the reality is that they do not allow you out of where you are and keep you trapped in a vicious circle that is difficult to escape. But there is a good news I can assure you that you can choose to get out of this mood. These tactics I propose below may help you: detects what you want to achieve in detail and put in action. Finds that your actions are consistent with your goals. See who you are: what are your strengths, your talents and gifts? What are good? If this task is difficult you can ask for help to people in your environment.