True Talents

It is a question that many have made us but unfortunately we don’t have the specific answer for ourselves and that makes in many occasions to take the wrong path of what we must do in our lives. Many motivators around the world have been commissioned to encourage thousands of people to look deep within themselves their true abilities and that is the secret to get to success, in addition to maintaining a positive attitude towards life and that with cool head we mentalicemos our goals, dreams and desires to ensure everything weone way or another. The problem with this is that who of us knows identify our true abilities?, with a very simple exercise we’ll give us account if I have or not reason in my assertion. Ask yourself for a moment which is what actually likes to do, what moves you more fine fibers of the body or it makes blood boil everytime you think? The vast majority may think that what you are doing at this time filled to 100% and that’s what makes him really happy, but I ask is didn’t you? or is a simple accolade to his own conscience to not feel guilty that what makes actually doing it out of obligation, can than financial, family or that has no other alternative at this time or you can actually give more than yourself and it can be given the opportunity to actually be completely happy or already leave their dreams and aspirations aside because by twist of fate you could do what actually I wanted to and sees him already as something unattainable unfortunately man has his side tools since born to develop fully but not been noticed or do not want to realize and to the passage of time we let ourselves stereotype by schemes that what they do is that as machines us behave as it best serve society and not as in reality my mind and body can give. All keys to actually know how I conduct myself, decide against life, so I’m done and as I develop myself completely, they are in a body that is a great unknown for many, but that for everyone is that we handled according to what this pre programmed by our genes and in addition to being influenced by our environment and is our brain, in the are going to find a solution to thousands of internal conflicts of as I am and as I should be and at the same time we are going to find in it the answer of what my true talents?