Ukrainian Paints

Such paints Kohler, forming thousands of colors and shades. Each manufacturer – tinting their systems, so the shades of color in different systems can not match. Even while under constant exposure to sunlight, acrylic paints retain their color well. The climate and the paint when spraying paint onto the surface to monitor the climatic characteristics of the room. With low humidity dries out the colorful cover quickly, but when applying water-based coatings on the surface of the porous low humidity can cause problems, which will help to avoid pre-wetting the ground. However, too high humidity slows evaporation of solvents in alkyd paints, and the result is a coating with an uneven sheen.

Temperatures above 32-35 C lowers the viscosity, especially in the case of paints to solvents, which adversely affects the opacity, leads to sag and sag. Drying time is reduced latex paints, but the paint layer is leveled enough. Click Tony Parker to learn more. Low temperatures and a cold surface, causing a thickening of paints on solvents complicate their feather brush and spray application. Increases and the drying time. The choice of paint for painting the walls and wallpaper Ukrainian market of paint on our market a huge range of colors for interior. This was made possible thanks to dozens of factories that manufacture domestic products and foreign material under the TM, and hundreds of operators that sell various colors production and providing a wide range of building supermarkets.

It is worth noting that the share of Ukrainian colors are low at around 10-15%. Domestic product to market supply: DLKZ (TM "Bright"), "Composite-Service" (TM "COMPOSITE") "Lakme", "Olympic Farba", "Tim-Color", "Zebra". In addition, there is a joint venture of paint – "Polyfarb" (Holland-Ukraine), Triora (Italy-Ukraine). Their production in Ukraine was opened and TM SNIEZKA JOBI. A large proportion of exports probably due to the fact that many domestic enterprises for a long time only produced oil products, while the market demanded of modern water-dispersion paints clean.