Understanding NLP

Many ask what is NLP? In reality, what everyone wants to know is what can serve them, are the benefits that has the NLP for his life in a non-technical language NLP (neuro-linguistic programming acronym) offers techniques to achieve almost instant results for many of the problems that beset us in daily life. Today I will give you an example of how using NLP, you can affect shaped blunt and extreme education and your child’s learning. John was a quiet guy, with few lights at the intellectual level, in saying of his first masters, that are not socially integrated. While doing their studies on the importance of the stimulus in effective learning, Dr. Truman met the case of Juan. And, convinced of the hidden talent of the child, that it was a diamond in the rough, was related to him personally: she encouraged the child all the time, he said that he believed in him, that he knew that he was a special person and that he had a target very big, and, above all, he gave all his affection, something of what John had lacked throughout his life. The abilities of the boy seemed to awaken from their slumber, and in a surprising way for all (less for Dr. Truman), John was really a little genius: conducting reasoning and synthesis very complex for its age, was capable of solving problems in a third of the time than their peers, and improved dramatically, too, in its integration into the group.

All the time it was the same person. How can a radical cambiotan it be? Similar examples we can find throughout history, with geniuses like Einstein, which was considered to be retarded by their teachers. Now, very cute, but what purpose I know this in my life? you say example has many practical applications and derivations, but to not make it long, I’ll give one single: I invite you to try the following:. When you correct your son/daughter, not punish it with screaming, telling you you’re wrong (and many less with blows, that create negative associations). It is doing so with firmness and love. For example, did this which is wrong, but I know that you are a person with a big heart and not will do more with a caress on the head. Your tone of voice should convey safety of that, if you do something like this, will suffer the consequences (a penance usually effective) but are telling your unconscious that he is a good person who was wrong, who made a mistake, and, at the same time, give him your unconditional affection and confidence you need. All this, at the mental level (neurological) produces completely different effects than the negative challenge or blows. If you are interested in learning more techniques to stimulate your children’s learning, to resolve family conflicts, to modify behavior problems, fears and phobias in children or adults in the effective and definitive form, I invite you to subscribe to my course practical NLP I hope you will help! Sofia Conti original Autor and source of the article.