Unforgettable Province

For that they love the tourism ventures, they found in mendocina geography a privilege place to practice the great amount of disciplines that are within this special category of the tourism mountains, the valleys, the guns, the boisterous rivers and the calm dams wonderfully lend for the practice of the sport, causing an unforgettable landscape. This way, it is possible to realise excursions in Mendoza of different type, for that loves the terrestrial adventures, aquatic or air. But all of them count on but the ample infrastructure put to the service of the thousands of tourists who go Whose every year, in search of the best natural scenes of Latin America, without doubt. Who amen the water and the adrenalin podran to actually find of rafting and the kayakismo the ideal action to compliment all yearnings, whereas the mighty mendocinos rivers, product of the defrosting of the high tips of the $andes, they offer the perfect natural scene, as much for those who they are taking his first steps like for sport consomme’s that they always look for a greater challenge. There are two rivers that are used but commonly it practices for it of this sport, that consist of capably sending by the expresses of the river, avoiding the different bends and obstacles that are appeared, and they are the river Mendoza in Shine of Whose and Atuel that this in San Rafael.

The mendocina, vast Earth and always money changer, conforms the ideal site so it is known like Overlanding, that is the route in vehicles 4×4, or all land. This practice has gained popularity since Argentina comprises of world-wide the international calendar of rally. Also it is possible to cross the many beautiful corners that Mendoza presents/displays horse, being one of the proposals the one to emulate the sanmartiniana deed, that is to say to cross the same way that general San Martin in his liberating epic did of the American continent. The departments that can be visited for this are Tunuyan, San Carlos, Tupungato or San Rafael. The increasing one brings back to consciousness ecological at world-wide level has originated new proposals of excursions in Mendoza for enthusiastic of ecology and the eco-tourism. Mendoza is one of the Argentine provinces that greater amount of national parks has, in a effort to conserve the environment and to safeguard the incredible biodiversity in the region. Therefore, it is possible to visit some of these national parks in safari photographic, where podra to pick up the beauty of the flora and the local fauna.