United States

Alone the explosion in energy costs should be but significantly higher actual inflation rate, yet the Americans try to defend reputation before pointing and therefore, most experts assume that the rate of inflation in the United States largely beautified”is represented. Then usually a falling price for the precious metal is accompanied by rising dollar, what should be noted in any case in my opinion. Only when again a relaxation is felt and the actual inflation risks on the table, which again increases investors on gold and precious metals. Finally, I would stress once again that I am convinced still that the gold price will stabilize again, at the moment, but just no clear direction is visible. I exclude nor courses of under $750, as a gold prize at the end of the year at over $900. As soon as you recognize but not to see gold as a short term investment but again in the long term is on the crisis safety in gold, the upward trend should continue. Difficulties where you look! I wish you some short Messages show, from which you can see which image currently characterized with regard to the economic life. Spain’s economy Minister Pedro Solbes no longer exclude a recession.

“There is the risk, and it worries us”. However the Government assume at present not that it to a shrinking of the economy will come. Fannie and Freddie could soon disappear from the stock market. In the meantime, they’re Pennystocks. Should this remain so in the next 30 days, they have six months to change this, otherwise they are taken by the stock exchange. Robert Rimberg describes an additional similar source.

Steel values are also under pressure. Analysts also keep coming back with the argument that the steel economy will cool off. You said the same thing in 2005, 2006 and 2007. UBS has sold its entire Klockner shares. Stock markets swing to stay on.