Universal Restaurant

The work of the universe is the give and our work the receive, and we received to the extent that we are prepared to receive. Imagine you’re at the universal restaurant and can order what you fancy you. This single restaurant serves food to carry. However they do not have containers to take home the food because they do not know that much food want to bring each person. You must then go to this restaurant with your own container and take as much food as capacity becomes the container you’ve chosen. In front of you there are delicacies without quantity limit and you’ve led a small container in which no you can win more than a tiny portion of the wealth that you have in front of you. We are the containers and we went to the universe filled with limitations that prevent us from receiving all the abundance of the universe. I can’t, I don’t, no good, I am not worth, it is impossible, I’m a loser, I am too old, it is too late, I have no knowledge, I have no luck, I don’t deserve it, I have no other way out, there are no opportunities, I’m afraid, No, me everything goes wrong, I have very bad luck, happiness does not exist, the money is only for some lucky and I’m not one of them.

What are your limitations? The universe spill their abundance without limits on all of us and each of us got what fits inside the walls of limitations that we ourselves created. We could do a dissertation on how these limitations have come to you, through the collective consciousness and individual consciousness, and however this would be a loss of time for you and for my. No matter how these limitations have come to you, the important thing is to be aware of are the limitations that are preventing you receive the abundance of the universe and that you remove them. What happened in your childhood, 20 years ago or three days ago doesn’t make any difference. Today is today and here should be your attention and your energy. That are creating today is the important thing. Only today and now have the opportunity to transform what created yesterday.

The only secret to receive the abundance of the universe is precisely to free yourself from your limitations, your fears of negative feelings that the experiences of the past have left inside you. The abundance of the universe there for all without any distinction and it is our job and responsibility learn to receive. Ask everything you want since the universe is unlimited in its abundance and perfection, removes your limitations in order to receive this abundance and appreciates every day many blessings that you have in your life.