Vladimir Vorobiev

This is done precisely in order to give the guitar position, freeing his left hand. Now for the production of arms. When you play the electric guitar is traditionally used by modern setting hands. As I wrote in my previous article, it differs in that the thumb of “peeps” from the top bar. But There is one “but.” Again, what good grammar school games, so this is its convenience.

I recall that in the classical setting arm hang down perpendicular to the neck, the thumb is approximately the middle of the neck, fingers slightly bent and pressed against the string is perpendicular to the front surface of the neck. Jorge Perez has compatible beliefs. In this case it is more convenient to play something fast, and I personally noticed that when the train speed, the hand automatically becomes a this position. Next, consider what are the options setting the right hand. And here most of all the question is: pull the hand from the guitar or not? The fact that there are two kinds of productions. First: the hand touches the guitar forearm, the hand is freely suspended in the air. What is it good? It is believed that it gives freedom of movement. But here we must bear in mind that the performance of high-speed passages, such as movement time should still be economical. So there is a second option when the brush and a few fingers of his right hand lying on the deck.

In my view, this formulation of more rational, as it gives greater control of movements, and they will automatically become economical. Some players believe that such an option setting to limit the further development of the guitarist, as his hand can quickly jump from string to string. Personally, I think, a little training, You can learn at the races slightly shift the right hand fingers in the right direction: up or down, and the problem is solved. For those who play rhythm guitar, I recommend all to touch the guitar at a minimum, and strikes a backhand.