Wedding Photos

The bride and groom should not be photographed together before the wedding. But at the wedding should be photographed only with – would be inseparable.

During the wedding, you need to sit in the pew, rather than on different chairs, as is often happens. This, too, in order to not be separated. When young bless the parents need to stand together on a rug, a pair of all decisions will be taken together. During the wedding the young need to try to stick together, no to assume that someone had passed between them. Then their union is strong.

Coins that are put into glasses bride and groom during a party, then you have to put the house under the tablecloth – will always be in the house hobnob money. You can not leave young unfinished wine by the glass – to quarrels and tears. If you give cutlery items, knives, forks, then the donor has to pay a coin – save from contention in the family. Who first crossed the threshold of the house – to be home owner. If you drag the bride over the threshold of the house on his hands – to the welfare and happiness. If you run through the cat among the young – will not be a peaceful life. The abundance of relatives at the wedding – the well-being. Do not invite all relatives – a disorder in the family.