Word Relationship

Proposed in his book Miguel Ruiz: there is no reason to suffer. The only reason why you suffer is because you so demand. Happiness is a choice, as also is suffering. In the vast majority of my articles I have proposed this form of philosophy of life, because I fully agree with her. What we live is a choice unconsciously or consciously, we always chose, is therefore important to realise, be aware of what you are experiencing, oddly enough, is a decision. So in the relationship, it is important to note that we are living, so, make corrections clear and precise about our behavior and the way in which we are conducting our loving bond.

It is better to live a life with the awareness of what we do waste without reflection and keep us all the time with problems and conflicts. Therefore, 4 agreements applied to the relationship, I will refer to the following: be impeccable with your Word: i.e., listening well before you speak because your words define your reality, in this sense, the words build and destroy realities. The words, says Manuel Ruiz, are magical because of them depends on your relationship, the relationship with yourself and with the world that surrounds you. Well hear those words that you say to your partner, listen carefully what you say about your relationship, and then able to understand because you’re in the situation that you live. If you want to transform your reality, transforms your words, your prayers, the manner in which you use them, but above all, use them to a greater extent for the construction of love. You don’t take anything personal: each what living life in a way that is the best that can be. So in the relationship, you are only one screen of the other, therefore, each person has his own drama, his own movie, his own reality.