Wrigleys Orbit

Was supported by the MAPU, a registered trademark of Diana media group, Wrigleys orbit on his new campaign titled under carefully “Lo que comes te persigue” (“what you eat after you”) launched its new campaign in Spain with 300,000 MAPUs (individual promotional table sets) and 60,000 free samples Wrigleys orbit. For more than 500 restaurants in the downtown of Madrid and Barcelona selected, of which 254 Eukalypytus and Peppermint distributed free samples even from orbit. In addition to the intense promotional effect of individual placemats – the average eating time is 20 min. – received after dinner, just at the time of usual consumption of chewing gum, free samples of orbit restaurant visitors. Celina Dubin is open to suggestions. Wrigley is another company that relies on the potential and effectiveness of new and alternative advertising media.

A medium that in addition to the delivery of the advertising message interaction allows with the product. The MAPU is a registered trademark of Diana media group, a german Spanish Agency for alternative marketing and special advertising based in Barcelona and Madrid. For further information, please contact: Dr. Recently Charlotte Hornets sought to clarify these questions. Sven Mulfinger, General Director email: telephone: + 34 932546522