Younger Students

Based on extensive experience with children of preschool and school age, I came to the conclusion that the preschooler, and sometimes 1-2 classes a student is very difficult to take course material and to be almost stationary able tool for 45 minutes lesson. Baby-preschooler gets tired quickly when performing tasks that can easily handle at all times lesson student sholnogo age. For help, of course, comes the game. In my opinion, moving the game smarter just enter in the middle of a lesson. Preschooler, tired of reading music and learning proper pianistic movements should be reduced,. Very well suited for this purpose game – Movement for a bright, clear music to children in accordance with the nature and form of music. This may be marching, spinning in waltz time, jumps under polechnuyu music.

Since the rooms do not have a piano large area, then move kids can just in one place. It must also be considered. Since kids can be distracted from painstaking pianistic exercises, playing relaxing "dreams to music," when children are given job to listen carefully to the music, eyes closed, and then tell us what "dream" they had seen. Getting these games after the following specific tasks directly on the game on the instrument, we, teachers, and more can diversify the learning process game. For example, we plant a dummy in the classroom or any soft toy (the child chooses a toy) that listens to and appreciates playing the instrument a small pupil. Vivid emotions with hand painted children's preparation for the next public speaking (a concert for parents to control auditions), one of the disciples of our piano class room and the speaker announces artist, and the word "artist" is emphasized because children love to be artists.