Czech Republic

Especially in light of recent in 2007, significant changes of the Czech legislation concerning the location of foreign nationals for long-term visas on the territory of the Czech Republic. Currently, long-term ownership of a visa giving the right to reside in the territory of the cr, before the registration application for permanent residency has declined from 10 years to 5 years, this is a significant difference greatly lowered demand for the acceleration of obtaining permanent residence based on marriage to citizens of the Czech Republic. Moreover, if in the past, long-term visa was issued for a period of one year and required its annual renewal, now an annual visa applicant shall be given in consulate in the country to which apply for the residence permit, and all subsequent visa, weed before applying to the Institute. the police department for visas and permits, after 5 years, permanent location in the Czech Republic, are done in a period of two year. Thus, the reduced increase each year the flow of asylum-term visas, by excluding them already have, for a period of two years. It can also be considered for long-stay visa and subsequent permanent residence to applicants who apply for their visas on the basis of training in one of many educational institutions in the Czech Republic. This way of processing Rentals, from our point of view, not entirely satisfied potential in the future, applicants for permanent residence, since studies limits the rights of the applicant exactly 50%, to obtain permanent residency holder of a visa to live in the Czech Republic for at least 10 years.