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Fresh look on the net and new look for your cabinets look new fresh look for your home network cabinets and shelves online schedule with his new website offers Cabinet from not only an attractive design, but also excels in two interactive features: the Configurator for cabinets and the Configurator for shelves. The resident of the North Rhine-Westphalian Rheine carpentry of Interior einrichters Dickmanken this online demonstrating its customer orientation. The functionality on the new Web site of Cabinet provide professional and private interior designer in the future user friendly and easy online tools that make easy easy planning and ordering of cabinets, shelves or combinations of both. The site offers Cabinet here with the two online configurators in the design of individual pieces of furniture in four steps: step 1 the various Cabinet or shelf types are available. Customers can here for Models decide the of free-standing up and enough mounting elements in roof pitches. The options are shown schematically. A mouse click is enough and continue to step 2.

Here, the dimensions of the piece of furniture in individual form fields must be entered. To ensure a proper measurement, Cabinet offers instructions on how to download. Also, all dimensions are queried in a small schematic discusses yet again just figuratively. Internal plausibility checks also guarantee that the mass will actually fit. Customer and Configurator are satisfied, the next mouse click results in step 3. Depending on the size and nature of the piece of furniture doors, clothes rails, drawers and storage compartments in small menus can here be clicked on and recorded in the draft.

Already here is the customer detailed price information and can once again plan to if necessary. Step 4 Finally leads to the selection of colours, decors and handles, which can be freely combined. Is the design done, can be ordered immediately online then the shelf or the wardrobe with the next mouse click. The appealing look of the Web site, the ease of online configurators, transparency, what about prices and last but not least the integrated online order function to expand the already high-quality bespoke cabinets and shelves in Cabinet

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