With the advent of internet new impetus was given to the topic of writing and publishing articles. Earlier, the publication of an article was quite an event for the author of that article, but today things change completely and the owners of the publishers would do well in go rethinking their modus operandi. With the advent of the internet, appeared the directories of articles, where anyone who follow certain guidelines, can publish your article, as many as you want. To make an efficient marketing of your business, first you must show yourself as an expert in the subject that you are trying to, so that the who seeks information trust what your deliveries le. As you can realize it’s do spread the word and get your business, whether your products or your services; but do not do it aggressively.

Writing articles can do it in a subtle way, just to let people know about your business, when you give relevant information about the concern of your casual reader, is then when your reader you have confidence when you have more likely than Click on your link and perhaps buy what you are selling. The primary reason for writing good content, is because people go to the internet to find the solution to your problem is as I heard once, no one wants to drill, the person want a hole in the wall or Cabinet and only need to purchase the drill, by this I mean that nobody is going to buy what you’re selling, unless you have a real need and hence these your to provide that solution. Luckily in the network there are quite a few pages that accept free items, but each directory has its own regulations that you should know and respect to avoid having problems and that the articles that you write out to the network. You must take into account how many words you write, if you write very short articles, they will be rejected. Some directories accept articles of 300 words, but most have a minimum of 500 words to be accepted.

If you write them in one page Word, on the top bar you will find tools (tool in English) and tells you exactly how many words has your article. Choose the category as more close to what you’ve written. Never post two articles exact word for word in two directories, because they’re going to be accused of spam and they’ll punish even forbidding you to publish again in those directories. Tomato work rewrite your article and although it says the same thing, says it with different words and that is acceptable, use synonyms, turns the phrases and Exchange phrases, the first to the middle and last at the beginning if it is possible and not is a blankness. Some directories accept that you add the URL in the body of the article, others don’t accept it and allow you to put the URL in the box of the bio of the author. Some directories accept more than two URLs only two others and there are who accepts only one in the bio box. There are directories that do not accept addresses of affiliates, or which is the URL that accept of your pages only. You want to keep all the time a language correctly and without spelling mistakes, never be obscene in your articles that you could also be penalized. Well choose directories and usa having more traffic using Alexa and Google ranking, for get maximum exposure. Original author and source of the article