Strong for the construction industry: leading IT companies pursue common goals to promote the construction industry in the German-speaking area of Leipzig in the BVBS, 14.01.2014 with the membership in the Association of construction software (BVBS) the data well Leipzig GmbH & co. joins KG provider of document management software from 1 January 2014 in a successful construction software vendors list. The BVBS has 77 members from various areas of the building industry and over 200,000 users, the leading advocacy of engineering software provider. A focus of the BVBS is the development and implementation of new technologies for the construction software. Since its inception in September 1993 the Association combines the best minds of the manufacturing software industry, to make the building more efficient together. By planning, about building up to go to the practical application of the appropriate software help, structured work over the entire life cycle of a building, avoid mistakes, and keep deadlines and budget”, so Michael Fritz, Managing Director of the Federal Association of building software. Through the participation of the Association in different bodies, the implementation is supported by new policies, procedures, or ways of working in construction software programs and the entire voting process is easier for everyone involved.

With good data, the Association welcomes a member, which should also contribute to improving the quality in the electronic exchange of data. With the digital file of the construction, the company from Zwenkau provides a flexible business solution based on innovative Web technology in conjunction with classic document management. For customers in the construction industry, this solution offers a high return on investment (ROI) quickly, as operations with high cost and yield potential can be recorded in detail, systematically exchanged and quickly processed. The Cloudansatz’s very simple use and documents in the construction file deposited at any time possible the availability of all. We look forward to working with the other members of the Association. Together do we building software market segment shape”- under the objective to strengthen the performance and innovation of the construction industry through the use of engineering software, said Michael Woitag, Managing Director data freight Leipzig GmbH & co.

KG. “By the way: imagine is digital construction file data goods the industry solution” within the upcoming construction events: on 13 February 2014 Berlin, 26 February Frankfurt am Main, 12 March Bonn, 27 March in Hamburg and on April 10 in Munich. Topic will be: proper archiving and documenting on the construction site. More at

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