Cuesta Prosper

Excuses are a convenient way of circumventing the responsibilities and justify our lack of action and mediocrity, always finding some guilty for everything that has always been under our control. Excuses are a way of saying I did it but it wasn’t my fault, a very everyday example many young people disapprove a review but say the fault was the master who gave us not enough time to study. I have not advanced in my work, blame it on my boss who doesn’t appreciate my talent. My marriage is a failure, I separated, the fault was my wife who did not make an effort to understand me. Care there is nothing wrong with avoiding these unpleasant stresantes situations, but evadiandolas does not allow us to confront them and correct the real problem that needs to be resolved. What we seek to evade them is be free of all responsibility and take charge to the destination, colocandonos in a role of victims in the universe.

Finally, if you want to succeed, you must be a man or woman of action, everytime an excuse to appear in your life, will immediately notice that nothing will have changed. Your economic situation will continue same, not have made progress towards a solution in search of prosperity. Everytime you say No I have time, looking for an excuse not to do, to not try to change your present situation, you lose a little control over your time and your life. And very soon you will notice that this living a fast life, of urgency in urgency, without time to do what you really worth for your life. To generate prosperity and wealth in all areas of your life you must eradicate forever the conformism, people use a large number of justifications to explain his poor health, a poor affair, or a job you hate, many complain and complain that it bothers them, but they do nothing to change it, instead of changing it seeks an excuse of because it can not act. One thing is sure and always tengala in mind, attitudes, self-esteem and character that their children develop will be the result of the callidad and the amount of time that decides to devote. Now I’m going to advise you a few steps to get rid of your excuses and you generate prosperity in your life: identifies your excuse determines that limiting belief is hiding behind that excuse to make a list of the effects negative that has brought this excuse to your life get a list of all the positive results that will come as consequence of eliminating your excuse sets new patterns of behavior: If after giving these step remove your excuse, bad habits, or self-destructive behaviors, will have taken an important step in the generation of prosperity, but be careful, if you not planting new ideas, beliefs and positive behaviors, you can be sure that your excuses will again begin to appear. Pongamonos work greetings Sensei Diego Labrousse who is Sensei Diego Labrousse-click here for more information original author and source of the article

Limiting Beliefs

A belief is something what you aferras because you believe it’s true. This sentence from the book mind without age, timeless body of the famous writer Deepak Chopra, perfectly defines what is a belief, therefore importantly of caring thoughts to which we cling, since it can determine that the beliefs that we generate are positive or negative for us, or better yet, play in our favor or against, so the goal should be to observe and care for our thoughts to make the largest amount of beliefs that we generate expansionary and non-limiting. But unfortunately for us, we’re conditioned, full of bad habits and limiting beliefs (negative), cultivated over years of life, by education, the family and society, reason by which are deeply rooted in our unconscious, manipulate our behavior, define our character and our destiny. See more detailed opinions by reading what Tony Parker offers on the topic.. The good news is that we can change these limiting beliefs by expansionary (positive) beliefs and today I’ll give a key for this, but first let me clarify because this task will not be easy, because reason cannot do it and worth the effort. False profits of the limiting beliefs: Give feeling of security. Remaining responsibility for your life. They require less personal effort. They generate less risk to live life. Click General Electric to learn more.

We don’t have to recognize our greatness. It allows us to leave the responsibility for our lives in the hands of others. We can change the limiting beliefs because: we are different from our beliefs. The reality is different to our beliefs. Identify and accept the limiting beliefs, they lose strength and power in us. We have the power to develop new expansive beliefs that counteracts and replacing limiting beliefs. We are bigger than our beliefs, since they live in us. Because we must cultivate the expansive beliefs? The expansive beliefs allow us to use our resources and talents. They make us feel more alive.