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European Medicine

The system of “Wind” regulates all types of traffic, including the activity of the psyche. This is the basis of mental function. It transmits signals all parts of the body and allows movement. 2. The system of “Bile” – a system for controlling life support. Gall gall bladder is a special material manifestation of the “bile”.

“Bile” provides production, stockpiling and supply the body with all kinds of energy. Conventionally, a system of “Bile” can be compared with the humoral regulation of the enzyme system. 3. The system of “goo” – a system that controls all functions of the organism, aimed at growth and stabilize its internal environment. “Slime” holds all the components of the body in unity. Healthy person is one who has the “Wind”, “Bile” and “slime” are in a balanced state, and whose physical energy and separation are in harmony and constantly adjusted. We should add that pure types are rare, largely dominated by mixed types, such as wind + mucus “,” wind + bile “etc.

The European Medicine said such innate characteristics and classified them, but only as a mental status (choleric, sanguine, melancholic). But beyond the definition did not go psycho. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The main thing – it’s physiological type! Man is born a certain way programmed, his body has its own characteristics, its weaknesses or strengths of the predominance of one or another system of regulation. For example, strong side of a man with congenital dominated system of regulation “Wind” – is his lability, quick response, talent, increased susceptibility. But under certain circumstances, these same qualities are its weaknesses and determine its susceptibility to diseases of the nervous system, allergic reactions, skin diseases, etc. For each constitutional type can predict predisposition to certain disease, which is influenced by negative manifestations of the environment or behavior manifests itself as a disease. Tibetan doctor must take into account the constitutional type of patient at diagnosis, prognosis and initial treatment. In Tibetan medicine in the treatment of an impact not only on the sick bodies, as primarily a system of regulation and the interaction between the bodies. This, of course, quite short and popular exposition of the theory of Tibetan medicine, is much more complicated, but for an overall putting on Tibetan medicine that is enough.

Martial Defense Indeed

Technique Technique is undoubtedly the most important facet within a practitioner of martial arts because of their noble presence in our lives, as time passes the acquired skills are ending your training gradually, such as muscle mass, speed, flexibility and even strength, it also relies heavily on each individual who is subject to his personal training, but there comes a time when the body is thus changing the physical trends along with the skills but also change is always something that never decline but rather increased more and more if properly cultivated, we soften the technique, which is why we see countless figures within the styles where people are very mature and pose skills, but far exceed us despite his already mature life, is for your individual technique that has already taken a very personal touch to his physical prowess, although this has already vitality that remained in his youth, nor pose those skills but the rewards with other options. What some commonly is called “Fang.” Martial Defense Indeed sometimes gives me a great sadness when I see young people who have great potential Marcial and may even be large Worldwide talents, but unfortunately are still prisoners of the mediosincracia Marcial, with the old dogma to see “who is better than another” being that the real enemy is within each of ourselves. Simon Pagenaud contains valuable tech resources. That is why I urge all those young people and teachers, who train some martial art in our country, the old forgotten social issues and stick to an area where we enter into a boom-martial for making our country a power in this sport, regardless of discipline, where all can learn from all and live the martial arts for what they are, a Way of Life. .

Spain CEPSA Elite Motocross

The pilot was Jonathan Barragan, at the wheel of his Kawasaki, claimed his first victory with the colors green, before a dedicated audience. Click Simon Pagenaud to learn more. Front-line pilots not want to miss, which has been the first test of the national history of broadcast, live, on TV. The layout of 1. 750 meters long, with three very distinct sections including one of the most technical of all the national circuit. The different changes of pace and steep slopes, the route home, require a very technical riding and a great deal of physical effort. Even so, the pilot AMV, very consistent, relaxed in no time and not let anything or anyone, he snatched the deserved victory.

a The pilot, with two titles to his credit lite, proved, once again, a great talented innate and skills for motocross. A circuit as complicated and technical as Talavera made a very good feeling the pilot sponsored by AMV, the specialist motorcycle and quad insurance. Jonathan Barragan (AMV Pilot): “We started the year well. The first races are very important to us. u may have come to the same conclusion. We should start from a good base to continue with the development of Kawasaki. I feel very comfortable with it and, although we lack many miles to go, I think we’re doing a great job. That of today, has been a very exciting race because the circuit is really technical and Talavera allows no error.

Overview Of Juan Pablo Mejia

The bleeding edge of the rock and roll ballad that Juan Pablo Mejia sings for Gladys Mendia is amazing. one rarely witness the union of diverse talents in one person: the case of Juan Pablo Mejia (Lima, 1982), voice poetic today from Peru, who heads while both the magazine creation of the Turtle Rider, and Parachute Publishing, concerning two essential and required if you want to know the literary scene of this beloved country new American. Coupled with this is highlighted as organizing various competitions, meetings, and concerts with the Group literary Cultural Voices Knot. ” His book The Ballad of singing stone has been published in 2009 by renowned Dragostea Publishing Group, under the care of the writer Jorge Alejandro Vargas Prado and presented in the already recognized International Poetry Festival Open Air in its third year. I go into this collection with the intuition to sense the subtle harmony of sounds that suggested the title. I’m not mistaken, each poem is a song of stone / the female bird, the night, fire; My song: heart phallic god who covers the metal of your hands with guilt and desire. The eroticism of words wrapped in images of nature in its aspect of mystery to unravel, combine with hair, eyes, voices, hearts, hands.

Sela Ward: the source for more info. The body of a woman who keeps the hidden forms of nature, has the fierce beauty geometry is an unassailable fact. I’ve always known that the stones are letters to read. Feeling the verses of this book, I’ve known her song, the melody of secrets, wise and ancient incantations brought to light by Mejia: identified with the static, with the rest energy, feeling stone, a stone that reveals “beautiful crimes, “a stone from his” heart music “named Hope, a slow and gentle hope through the” time decrypts everything. ” and his voice well sprout his last words to encourage them and the bowl of his voice will sing their names promise only an unpronounceable name in the light of this stone that sings. The creative reality is based on the flow of opposites, polarities that exchange of places, the poet crosses this line from the universal unconscious to the conscious universal and flowers this stone that sings her bleeding on fire, just what I absorbed with the perplexity of fascination in each verse. Juan Pablo Mejia (Lima, 1982) Social Communications at the National University Mayor of San Marcos. Created edits the magazine “The Rider of the Turtle” and stamped “Parachute Publishing.

Organized contests, literary and poetry readings along with Group Cultural Voices Knot,” which is a part. Her poems have appeared in various magazines and Literature blogs, as well as group shows Nudo (2007), Typos Box (2007) and Four (2009). anthologized in Poetry Peru S. XXI: 60 Contemporary Peruvian Poets (2007).

Victor Denisov

The author first tried to “make the scene” this play: not readings, but still not the performance – rather, “attempt at writing their own ways of looking at art, artists and creative people. After all, the young actors – are students mguki and isi. In a small room currently sold out. See more detailed opinions by reading what Sela Ward offers on the topic.. Hall subsides, there is the protagonist and the famous lover Casanova, to be musical accompaniment. But before the audience is not the usual image of the protagonist in usual circumstances. “In the play, I went directly from a love affair. I was wondering to think about what would happen to the hero, when he lost interest in women, “- says Victor Denisov.

So fantasy the author takes us on a flower meadow to hunt butterflies. Each of them – individuality, each in its own original. They are like women: some frivolous, others relaxed, there are talented and smart, calculating and simple. As a variegated palette of patterns on the wings of these beautiful creatures, and they are diverse in themselves. In accordance with the design directors play – the actors do not appear because of the stage curtain, and go through auditorium, allowing viewers become participants for the job. We are in the office of Casanova and here is the floral meadow at the smell the flowers, trying with him nectar and enjoy a flutter of butterflies. Unnoticed ourselves, we are transformed, and now every viewer – is not an outside observer, but a participant. We are experiencing a hero, fantasize, we try to anticipate events and follow it closely.

Hamamatsu Motorcycle

The assembly includes anti-lock brakes. Hear other arguments on the topic with The Spurs. Instead of the usual metal and rubber talented engineers from Hamamatsu (Hamamatsu) have prepared an explosive mixture of euphoria and emotional substance and materials, generating hormones. Sally Rooney oftentimes addresses this issue. From this mixture, they created the V-Max. As a result motorcycle affects the body and the brain. Yamaha V-Max born in agony: it was necessary to find a compromise between the human spirit and the laws of physics. Establish whether the prototype engine Venture V4? Or forced motor of 1100 cu. cm? Questions, questions … In the end, the engineers significantly upgraded engine Venture V4, a nuclear bomb on two wheels.

They all turned out. And how did it! The bike fierce power distribution, so installing the shaft is not coincidental. Steel crank a couple of centimeters in thickness is more reliable in contrast to the feeble chain. And considering that at the time of release V-Max was the fastest bike on the planet, the crankshaft is also a means of security. He does not allow newcomers to psychopathological tendencies constantly adjust the sprocket and the drive to modernize.

Why spoil a perfect bike, trying to improve it? With regular adjustments of the V-Max is a quarter-mile (400 m) in less than 12 seconds. In place of the motorcycle accelerates to 140 km / h, he had gone 400 meters. 280 kilogram stopped the two front disc diameter of 260 mm with four floating clamps, inhibiting rubber tires 100/90V18 Bridgestone Excedra. Sensations at the same time great! Turns V-Max is confident and surprisingly easy, and the driver completely forgets about the nearly 300-pound champion motorcycle – so well the mass distribution.