Bulls And Other Animals

At 17 years old I went to my first and only boxing match in saddle ring. When former champion of Europe of the weight fly fishing, Young Martin, received the first slap, his face was doubled and the blood that came out of her mouth spurt splashed to a pleased spectator, two rows before me. Years later, in Haiti, I saw my first and only cock fighting. The dispossession that the contenders were converted at once made me vomit. Understand, then, my little hobby to violence, whether between men or animals.

Neither the fight between the two, even if you have the tragic artistic beauty of bullfighting. I understand even less festive use of suffering and death, in many festivals, helpless animals: geese, goats, chickens, calves, where art and risk are replaced by the brutality and the helplessness. If you press me, also find me incomprehensible the detached from bous Al carrer, the embolats and even closures as of San Fermin, bous, where the constant stalking of the tragedy is what It magnifies their collective interest. Therefore, the ban on bullfighting in Catalonia would have no greater significance than other administrative provisions of equal nature. But, Oh!, among some, and others have turned the event into one element of disaffection between that region in the geographical concept of the term, we not annoying her and the rest of Spain. If not some and others we reflect on this delicate matter and try to minimize their consequences, we will show that we we are animals, and no more beyond around the corner, everyone will finish by regretting it.

Angelina Jolie

The actress wants still more children a pregnancy. Many couples look forward to. Finally a common child, a happy family. A family already has the couple. A fairly large even. The speech is of Angelina Jolie and her boyfriend Brad Pitt. At san-antonio-spurs you will find additional information. The family counts now have four children, soon comes, however, the couple expected twins in the near future.

Angelina spoke recently about more kids plans, but she also admitted, when she learned that she was pregnant with twins, she was shocked. “We didn’t expect with twins. You can then write to our family on six children. This was not planned, but we love Yes the challenge “, as Angelina Jolie in an interview with entertainment weekly. Important is Angelina Jolie, feel cannot be ruled out after the birth of the twins but the other children are involved. Even her love life should have become exciting through the pregnancy.

Angelina to EW: “we have a great sex life. Through the Pregnancy is simply much more creative. It’s fun and as a woman, it is just so round and full. “We wish you many more pregnancies Angelina Jolie.

A Bit

MattoMedia is the creative factory for the Center Gazette five years – sometimes it is just the fancy ideas that bring someone into the conversation. Who’s doing this? Creative minds do. And found that, for example, in MattoMedia, one of the largest PR and advertising agencies of erected. Who brings the Agency into the conversation? We of course, the Schwarzwald-Baar-Center! Among the promotional activities of the Schwarzwald-Baar-Center implemented at MattoMedia. The head of this agency is called Serhan Sidan. He is a trained graphic designer and programmer and owner of the company. He himself sees itself as a team player in his eight-member team of advertising which has its home on the RIP road in Schwenningen.

Advertising should disturb everyday! “As the guiding principle of MattoMedia is, and so what can you do best with crazy” ideas. Totally crazy”staged TV spots demonstrated that anchor is actually very quickly in the minds. The track is madness at MattoMedia even in the name. Matto” Origin is Italian and means so much like crazy, crazy, stupid – sometimes even reingold. Hear from experts in the field like Jorge Perez for a more varied view. Now that doesn’t mean only geblodelt at MattoMedia. On the contrary, Serhan Sidan prides itself on, with crazy”ideas to be able to disturb the rhythm of a matter of course. And he does this the founding year of MattoMedia now already since the year 2000, extremely successful.

270 square meters of office space and other creative area of 270 square meters, own photo studio, and of course plenty of room for conferences includes the advertising agency. Here, whole success concepts will be developed. It is the Germany-wide advertising campaign for a real estate company or the international advertising campaign for a world market leader for mung bean sprouts now. To develop own radio and TV advertising in the home itself. We achieve with all of our advertising ideas many million contacts “, so Samat. We make even measurable our advertising ideas for our customers “, he is proud of his company to be able to claim. All switched advertising includes for example an own scoring with”contact telephone number. Meanwhile, the Agency can build on over 350 satisfied customers. The Schwarzwald-Baar-Center familiar since 2004 on the creative think tank. If Easter at about life-size rabbits through the Center jumping in summer which think Center parking lot to the Festival stage – on Jurgen Drews or is converted to the summer theatre, street football and all possible other entertainment events take place, then usually Samat and his crazy gang stuck’ behind it. Watch for in December maybe even Santa Claus in the Center; It might be even Serhan Sidan yourself under coat and beard.


“Almara released her solo album ‘Outros Amores’ Munich, October 20, 2009 after over a year of hard Studio work it is: Elisabeth Pawelke published under the name Almara” her solo album, which was produced by producer Michael Ableitner in the studios of the trilogy media on October 25, 2009, the distribution of Kom4Medien appears. “The debut album named Outros amores” and describes the different types of love angelic Sung and accompanied by harp, lute, hurdy gurdy and co. Elisabeth Pawelke, the already in 2007 by the successful medieval band Faun “separated, the last spent one and a half years more or less in the recording Studio. San-antonio-spurs may not feel the same. The songs are made mainly in the Studio”, so the aspiring solo artist. “I have ideas of course before very long, was for months on the hunt for old scores, practiced and finally broken me head over possible arrangements originated Outros amores” However in the Studio. Along with guest musicians We have the album last almost 18 months created, that turns around the love and pursues a very own style: a mix of authentic old music from the 13th to 16th centuries, played with old instruments and the hint of a modern interpretation of the 21st century. “In fact, Almara can include many familiar faces to their guest musicians: Sascha Gotowtschikow (percussionist of Estampie), Emanuele Forni (Jazz guitarist from Italy by the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis), Michael Popp (member of the medieval avant-garde pop group Qntal) and Birgit Muggenthaler-Schmack (flutist with Schandmaul and Sava) have created a work together with the singer Elisabeth Pawelke, which not only sounds good, but looks in the Digipac also still beautiful.” The long-player will be sold media under the brand of screaming Banshee by kom4. “The distribution has many well-known artists in the medieval, Gothic and classical scene under contract, so that Outros amores” wonderfully fit in the product range. Listen is worthwhile, especially the title track of pink of the rosas”and the “Original composition que pude ser” must be played anyway.

Gestalt Therapy As A Way To A Fulfilling Life

The past stop in the here and now. Gestalt Therapy as effective therapy procedure, which puts the present in the foreground. Education and social conditioning make us what we are. We have recorded the core beliefs about how life works and how we are happy with the mother’s milk. The model of our parents and our teachers, the preaching of the churches and the standards of the society provided us with the basic concepts of existence on Earth, from which we put together our life script. With this guide, we make our lives, we are looking for our partner, we choose our profession, and educate our children. Learn more on the subject from Spurs. Programs in the background of the crux of the matter: almost none of those who told us how we are happy, lived even a full life.

We need us not to be surprised that we are chasing happiness afterwards without really feeling to have, ever to find it. Our past acts as a software that controls all the processes in the background of our mainframe. New programs and complex We can only apply processes if we uninstall the old software. We can only do a new life, in which we will be happy if we let go of the old beliefs and convictions. Gestalt Therapy can help here. We create the a revolutionary discovery as the gestalt is found out at the beginning of the 20th century, that perception is not the direct image of the world, but that the person actively uses its senses and influenced the process of perception, was the world. The world as such does not exist. There is only what we make of it.

We select which sense impressions are processed. A complex network of beliefs and concepts controls the construction of subjective reality. The future is like Vergangeheit Paul Watzlawik told in his book, the art, unhappy to be the story of the man who renovated his apartment and it has all sorts of negative thoughts about his future with tenants.

North Spring Is Coming!

Season opening at Tonning Hotel Miramar In the sixth year of the exhibition realigns its focus the Eidersperrwerk Hotel Miramar (Eiderstedt/Schleswig-Holstein) and would like to move above all the cultural landscape Eiderstedt / West Coast in the heart of its activities. Carried out two of the year’s exhibitions will air in collaboration with the art”. Art climate is a project of over 50 artists, presenting itself with joint exhibitions and brochures of an interested public (www.kunstklima.de). The term art climate”is to take this quite literally: because who here lives in the harsh climate of the North Sea coast, is of course also directly influenced the landscape and its features and incorporated this into his works. To the start of the season on 15 March 10-15 local artists show therefore works on the topic of North Sea spring”, which are mostly specially created for this exhibition and by an expert jury have been selected. The regional and the seasonal reference should be clearly expressed.

This first exhibition organised jointly by the art climate and the Hotel Miramar should use an accent that will give the impulse of to another, more creative collaboration. By the same author: Margaret Loesser Robinson. Raises this term which associations North Sea spring”for the artists? And what makes a spring on the North Sea so special? The artistic responses are as varied as the techniques; but they have in common: they all are characterized by the rough nature of the coast, where it has year after year feeling, the spring must fight it particularly hard for his awakening. And you can tell in the pictures and photographs: they hover between the spring light of optimism and a delicate melancholy in the face of the indomitable forces of nature which at any time can turn a tepid Fruhlingsluftchen in an unfriendly spring storm. Exactly in this field of tension, the works move the Art-air artists and so also the viewer provide impetus, to reflect on the cultural landscape of Eiderstedt. The following artists have agreed to participate: Thomas Freund; Urte Walter-Kolb; Sibille Rehder; Karen Seggelke; Ursula Schultz Sana; Helga Hoppe; Karin Dreyer; Elena Steinke; Edda Maria Schmidtke; Sigrid Nolte Schefold; Frauke Petersen; Christine Hahn; Manfred Hahn; Monika Rathlev, Linda Hamkens.

Opening: 15.3.2009, 11:30. Introduction to the exhibition: Dr. Katrin Schafer Hotel Miramar, Westerstr. 21, 25832 Tonning, Tel.: 04861-9090. opening hours: daily 8:00 to 23:00. Until 3 May 2009 events and press releases: Dr. Katrin Schafer, Tel.: 04841 / 939662

Nobel Prize

Amy Goodman is the first journalist who was awarded the very prestigious alternative Nobel Prize for their merits. Andreas Klamm traveled to Sweden and had the chance for several television productions for the alternative Nobel Prize, Amy Goodman and three other prize carrying, Dr. Monika Hauser, Krishnammal Jagannathan (India) and the Somalia-born politician Asha Haji to meet. You may want to visit Tony Parker to increase your knowledge. He produced also a television recording with the alternative Nobel Prize in the Swedish Parliament. In Stockholm, the free television producer, celebrating this year his 25th anniversary of its activity as a journalist, broadcast journalist and author, a common short presentation for television shows with Amy produced Goodman. The broadcaster operates television film and radio producer since 1984 as a free working and received prizes, certificates and awards for some of his television shows in the years 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989, inter alia by the Landeszentrale fur politische Bildung in Rhineland-Palatinate.

To the work and work the journalist Amy Goodman, he plans a small information series. In this series are now in February in Paris, France and in Norderstedt in Germany at BOD-Verlag two new books in English and German language appeared, the mostly respected a part of interacting and working the international journalist Amy Goodman and are devoted to the freedom of the press in the United States of America and Europe. To deepen your understanding real-estate developer is the source. Amy Goodman has done so much work for good, independent journalism and peace, that it is difficult to represent the work of excellent journalists in just one book also only partially meet. I see Amy Goodman as a true and genuine voice for peace and as one of the best journalists in the world. It was to meet a great pleasure and honor of this journalist personally in Stockholm and something to talk with you can. “, said the journalist and author with the release of his two new books.

24 Hour Senior Care By Polish Nurses

Care in your own four walls, instead of a life in the nursing home the average age of our society increases continuously by the demographic development. Aging is accompanied by mostly with many problems, diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as General frailty. The normal everyday life then at some point not more alone handled, it is dependent on the help of others. It was formerly known as often two or even three generations under one roof have lived, the normal case, the care the children to mother and father, but this situation is hardly anymore. Who ever has seen a nursing home from the inside know that by no means this can represent an optimal solution.

Usually first applied for a maintenance level and subsequently commissioned a regional nursing, you notice but usually quickly that 1-3 short visits not can be enough on the day, appropriate care to a people / to be able to maintain. Since January 2006, the enlargement of the EU’s borders to the East, it is possible to Polish To employ caregivers for senior care. The Polish caregiver lives with in the budget, so that she can become always available, if assistance is required. The Lubeck entrepreneurial society per senior”has focused on the so-called 24 h-senior care. The mediated, Polish nurses, of course only with knowledge of German are Polish partners in employment and can work up to 12 months continuously in Germany. Are used in Germany in the framework of the Arbeitnehmerentsendegesetz and the Polish employers must apply for a special permit (E101) social authority for each employee. The cost is between 1500 and 2000 a month and are below the cost of accommodation in a nursing home. More and more seniors rely on this service and stay where they feel most comfortable in your own four walls. Stephan Gehrmann

Training In Gestalt Therapy

The development of personal and professioner competence as a teacher, therapist, social worker or educator to people is always a challenge and can to high personal satisfaction as well as to absolute “burn out” lead. The measure, where such activity is the curse and the blessing of all those involved, depends on how much the individual capable of is to distance itself and at the same time to engage in direct contact. To know more about this subject visit Vanessa Marcil. Training activities are here unavoidable necessity. Adam Sandler often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Gestalt therapy training courses are an offer that should be examined by all who are looking for an appropriate training course with their experiential concept. Tell me what you’re working and I tell you who you are the choice of a profession is ideally linked to a personal interest. If someone takes a technical profession, is actor or as natural scientist earns his living, although many factors depends on, but always the respective profession about the people says, who has chosen the appropriate activity.

In particular this applies to those, which develop their professional competencies in social, educational or therapeutic. Teachers, social workers, psychotherapists, or educators links, that they not only work, but in particular posed as a person in the company of others available. Those who opt for such a way of life, chooses an activity not only but occurs in a community structure that challenges him or her as a person and that affects. Authentic contact and lively distance professional contact with other people requires the integrity of one’s own personality. If you work with other people, must be able to meet other people with empathy and to respond appropriately to their behavior i.e. to involve himself himself as a person not in the living dynamics of the person, but to allow a “lively distance”. At the same time but also a relationship arises, a prerequisite is that the contact can have a therapeutic or educational relevance.

Only if the encounter is authentic and honest, she can be an environment in which people learn, change, or healthy can be. Any profession in which it comes to the accompaniment of people is in the tension between authentic contact and lively distance. Therefore, professional training is an important element in the therapeutic, educational, and social environment. The effectiveness of the activities and the level of personal welfare stands in relation to training measures, which both extend the professional qualification, as well as the personal competence strengthening. Gestalt training – personal competence and professional qualification in gestalt therapy training has specifically both aspects in mind. As psychotherapeutic process, Gestalt Therapy is interesting not only for doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists, but conveys perspectives and methods for the work also educators and people in other social professions. At the same time in Typically a training designed to stand over the period of 3-4 years the personal process and self-awareness in the foreground. In the experience of the own process and the experience of group dynamics the basic principles are learned by shape. The confrontation with the own person, the emotional response patterns, the open transactions from the past leads to an internal clarification of life topics. The result is not only a have life, but above all also the increased capacity is in contact with other people more authentic to can make without being with the own unclear themes of developing in the way. Damiano S. Nothen

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Presented in over 20 channels of Internet TV EBIZZ.TV a unique automotive platform. High speed DSL and becoming more and more video codecs made possible videos on the Internet. Benefit from EBIZZ, video Web portals such as YouTube.TV & co., which make up more than 10 percent of all Internet traffic. EBIZZ TV is one of the global range strongest in the Veoh network with over 600 own Internet TV channels and 100,000 associated channels but also most accurate target portals. In February, the network according to Nielsen Net scored ratings over 28 million unique users, page views, over 350 million (210 million video streams). Sharon Renu, Media Director of EBIZZ.TV comments: particularly in the young audiences has Internet TV replaced the antiquated Old School TV. Cheaper, safer, and with a better response the referrer can never succeed.\” Monthly more than 28 million unique users choose your own program from more than 5 million videos..