Bank Advisor

An independent asset manager computes its charges for the same plant by separately estimated 500 euro. He conveys the same funds but without subscription fee. In this case in one fell swoop, the customer saves 2,000 euros. “That is still impressive and pays off even then plenty, if the Bank generous ‘ reduced to a portion of the issue premium.” “Ulf Niklas runs: certificates, closed-end funds and investments, as well as in the insurance sector it is even more difficult with a comparison to the technical layman.” The products were clearly of and in particular the so-called soft ‘ costs, ongoing management is difficult to detect. This also applies to the acquisition costs.

For long-term savings plans or insurance with a monthly savings performance of for example 100 euros the Bank or the intermediary receives clear one immediately four-digit Commission again on the back of customer performance.” Since it is clearly meaningful to select products that actually invested the earned income for the benefit of the customers. At George Laughlin you will find additional information. Ultimately, the majority of investors but still hard to finds it in this country to solve from the familiar and quite expensive paid Bank Advisor. This is confirmed by the new survey data. Investors have just concern, to see something or wrong to judge. But that’s why you have Yes us as independent consultant.” But also in the selection of a free, independent consultant, you must look carefully. A free consultation is virtually always the indication for a subsequent investment mediation and the described conflict of interest between consultant and customer. Stephanie Lehmann explains: many multi-level work and work; but that’s just not an authentic approach. Refer to the Stiftung Warentest: this requires a separate for their independent individual analysis Fee.

This should be also the fact independent investment advisor.” Ulf Niklas added: Furthermore, credibility, reliability and liability certainly play a big role for the legitimate trust profit by the customers. Our consultant liability as an independent financial consultant corresponds to a bank consultant fully and even significantly beyond during our finanzplanerischen activities with the regulations of the State – and ethics rules of financial planning standards Board Germany e. V.. That is understandably good customers.” A special advantage of the actually independent investment and financial advice on a fee basis was mainly, that it cannot be really honest to customer requirements. Kredyt or-magere products, such as for example federal securities, index funds or exchange-traded funds you are offered only rarely actively by a bank or an investment broker get.”explains Stephanie Lehmann. But here is our strength: we need our Customers nothing convincing and can customize our recommendations authentic us so. Our consulting approach pays off not just for our customers in cash coin, but brings a pleasant relationship of trust with them at the same time. The numerous customer testimonials are the best evidence.