Chinese New Year

In Phuket restaurants you can try shark fin soup, meat, crocodile curry, fried frogs and barracuda steak. But who is surprised that in our time? The most tasty and inexpensive treat – crunchy insects are sold at night markets and makashnits. The range is practically unlimited. It is not necessary to experiment with their own pet cockroach, no one knows what he is today ate. Given the scale sale of deli insects, it is easy to assume that it is not in the street they were caught.

They are specially grown for the gourmets. The first time I try to insects decided to night market, dedicated to Chinese New Year celebrations, the temple near Chalong. Variegated delights terrifying at first, so we bought various delicacies and drinks for snacks. On the counter were small and grasshoppers, and huge grasshoppers, larvae and delicious, and desyatisantimetrovye winged beetles. For Thai fried insects are not any delicacy, and inexpensive snack, like sunflower seeds. Aaron Rogers usually is spot on.

In Phuket Town, there is a great place to market that closed on Saturdays and Sundays, – Sanday Market. Among the variety of Thai delicacies are baked on trays insects. Unfortunately, no special culinary delights, which comes to my fantasy to dream about the restaurant. Normal Fried grasshoppers, larvae of silkworm, water beetles, grasshoppers, and some other gastronomic exotica. Do not immediately go for all the crunchy delights, it is important to determine how to properly taste. For example, grasshoppers and caterpillars of the silkworm to eat differently. In grasshoppers, you must first detach the head, wings and legs. Of course, we can absorb them and completely, but there is a chance to choke neprozhevannoy foot. As my friend, the most delicious grasshopper – a grasshopper, they are bigger in size and simply melt in your mouth. This flavor is very difficult to write, in my opinion, roasted grasshopper like a grasshopper, which was caught, washed and fried. They can be remotely compared with the sunflower seeds with butter and salt. Larvae and pupae are very tasty with a beer, but they do not crackle, but the taste vaguely reminiscent of pumpkin seeds or salted popcorn. Huge black water bugs or predaceous diving beetles, too, very juicy and savory, they are chosen in size. They taste like overcooked bacon. Even at the evening market sell bats, frogs, snails and other delicacies in the restaurants offer exotic scorpions and snakes, but they'll talk another time. Bon Appetit!