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The Fulla is not produced by the Mattel. The Barbie word finished for if becoming a term of pejorativo calo, for one rapariga or considered woman ftil, as in the song pop ' ' Barbie Girl' '. It has difference of the two dolls is marcante, therefore Barbie has blue eyes, blond hair and Fulla has black eyes, hair chestnuts, and uses a covering of head and one abaiah when to leave house. Fulla does not have boyfriend and only follows the professions of doctor or teacher. Click Sequel Youth to learn more. With its anniversary of 50 years, it had the Barbie exposition for the world in Porto Alegre in April, that congregates 102 dolls of different cultures showing traditional clothes and typical hairdos of diverse countries. launches in its anniversary Barbie the more expensive Doll of the world, evaluated in 165 a thousand Reals that exhibit 318 diamonds in a luxurious suit of party. Coincidence or not, never human being how much in the last times said itself in such a way in vanity.

She finishes it the news comes of England, where a woman spent about R$ 2 million in plastic surgeries to changed into a Barbie doll of meat and bone. Official site: real-estate developer. The owner of house Sara Burge, 49 years. To have an idea, it was submitted 100 treatment surgical and more than cosmetic. According to it, unhappyly, or happily, the women have different bodies, with a different genetics and from the instant that if she desires to changed into that we are not, we finish in transforming into nobody. Today she is complicated if to incase in a world in which the women have that to be pretty and lean. Please visit Tony Parker if you seek more information. Concluding after many research, Barbie clarifies the power that the Industry of the Culture exerts on the mass, and being each more popular time, it is easy to identify the power that the doll today influences women of the world all with its body esbelto and also becoming the woman as sexual symbol. It controversial certain cause in the society, however with several controversas on the doll, others already they defend the same one.