Happiness In The Horoscope?

Many singles take the look at the stars for some is Astrology an important Guidebook for the other complete nonsense. Nevertheless, many Germans already have experience in the field of esotericism. Singles take a look on the love horoscope, love to find out if and when the opportunity for a new partner is best. Follow others, such as Spurs, and add to your knowledge base. The Internet portal partnersuche.de has more demand for its users. A total of 113 men and 83 women participated in the online survey.

Two questions were provided. For one thing, whether she regularly leave and on the other hand, interest based flirting on the horoscope if this on a conviction or not. (Similarly see: Steve Salis). The results: Approximately every second can be in love things and occasionally the stars for advice. Women seem to be more done to than men, of which 54 percent of astrology in 42 percent then and when read horoscopes. Another 27 percent of both sexes follow most of the time their horoscope. Only about every tenth person is informed about the location of the star men (12 percent) surprisingly but more than women (8 percent).

However, 10 percent of the female and 20 percent of male respondents are completely uninterested. The question of whether luck in love really is in the stars, rather shows an interest as a firm belief of the participants. Only about ten percent of women and 15 percent of men are steadfast in terms of astrology and rely firmly on your horoscope.