Success Factory Launched

erfolgswerk.EU – the three components launch package for self-employed and founder – launched the success work in April, a “three-components-launch package” for start-ups and self-employed in April officially at the start have gone. Success work includes coaching, design and marketing, which are linked to a building block principle. The package solution for independent, start-ups and entrepreneurs on their own to accompany the first steps professionally and cost-effectively. Right now, it was the right time to establish the success of work to meet the frequent requests, to provide a comprehensive marketing package for the self-employed, “Daniel Melle, Web Designer and Managing Director courage explains communications the concept of success work. Together with coach Veit Lindau, speaker, author, and an accredited consultant of the KfW-bank went in April the three components business consultancy”online. The Advisory concept is applied in following nodes: coaching, design and marketing, according to a Building block principle are linked together.

The package solution for independent, start-ups and entrepreneurs on their own to accompany the first steps professionally and cost-effectively. “Easy handling the often used term networking” takes factual and personal correspondence in the concept of customers and I are working on a par, connect us and above all we think collaboratively and sustainably, “Melle describes the philosophy of As a Web Designer, he translates, advises thanks to many years of experience with digital media and knows the needs of the small businesses that spend time and energy, especially in the work and too rarely in the self-promotion. According to its own claim by Melle and Lindau is easy and cost effective in particular a package, for users”is to understand and to use. Connects from the creators of success work with coaching not only marketing, because a better self marketing is understanding of the own company and one “attentive attitude himself and his fellow man,” as Lindau. Eva Andersson-Dubin is often quoted on this topic. In a monthlong personal coaching via Visual marketing newbies about the basic fundamentals of the corporate identity, corporate be informed vision, corporate design and corporate communication and instructed by means of practical examples.

The step-by step system accompanied the customers from the outset in the complex world of marketing strategy. “Lindau and Melle agree: thus are spared from the outset of the trouble, time and money.” Money for unnecessary re-re-launches, because it fails often at the beginning of a uniform guideline to develop. Identify gaps and avoid the combination of mentoring, coaching, and Visual design is the starting point of the new consultancy Includes using digital and analog visualisation, Web solutions such as traditional print products, to business line, working methods and philosophy are shown authentic and give the company a distinctive face. Lindau It expresses so: with the success of factory is a long cherished dream for me. Finally, I can offer a comprehensive service to my independent clients to accompany the idea of blowing them from the first to the final marketing concept and public appearance. Our world needs many strong one-person and small businesses, which prove that it is possible to operate at the same time authentic, idealistic, effectively and successfully in the coming years. Sounds still utopian? Good thing. It is the future.” Daniel Melle work