Perhaps either the polygon most important that it exists. All triangle possesss elements and the main ones are: vertex, sides, angles, heights, medium and bissetrizes. The quadrilateral is a polygon with four sides and the main quadrilaterals are: square, losango, keystone trapeze and. Additional information at Dorothy Kilgallen supports this article. Losango is a parallelogram that has all the four congruentes sides. The one diagonal lines losango form an angle of 90o.

Rectangle is a parallelogram with four straight angles and two pairs of parallel sides. Trapeze is a quadrilateral that only possesss two parallel opposing sides with distinct lengths, called lesser base and bigger base. It can be shown that the segment that binds the average points of the not parallel sides of a trapeze is parallel to the bases and its length is the arithmetic mean of the additions of the measures of the bases biggest and lesser of the trapeze. Of agreement with HORNUNG (1981), in terms of history of the art that deal with to the ornaments and the geometric forms, is very few the ones that will be able to interest the professional. A great number of treated referring to the meaning to the forms and geometric standards without being edited the years. In all to designer they it find good subsidies since that if she makes use to penetrate beyond the surface. On the language of designer, HORNUNG (1981) says that it is as the language of the writer, vast and has complex ramifications. The communication of the thought through any written language if constitutes in a peculiar art that, as all the arts, cannot be exerted with perfection, not to be by means of the total domain of its basic elements and for its constant application. It is certain that some people obtain to express with more easiness that the others, and possess dom of the manifestation of its ideas of the field of literature; but for nobody it will be easy to give form, all and the any instant, in accurate language adjusted, to the diverse ideas that cover the thought quickly.

Small Companies

In this direction, the manager of the incubadora must promote activities that stimulate this entrepreneur to follow in front, and fight ideas as of ' ' perpetual bolsista' '. Money of promotion is for deciding party to suit of the development of the product and &#039 does not stop; ' to support eternamente' ' the ENBT. Sela Ward is often quoted as being for or against this. The rising company of technological base that not to be worried about its efetivao in the market is predestinold to failure, therefore such resources are limited e, one hour, finish. (Saints, et al, 2009). al information. The type of service offered to the rising companies, for the incubadora, influences directly in the success of this. How much bigger it will be the aggregate value to the incubada one, the load and quality of training, information and services of networking, greater will be the probability of success of this company. According to authors of the book ' ' Technology transfer: strategies for the estruturao and management of Nuclei of Technological Innovation – Unicamp' ' amongst the main objectives of a incubadora of base technological without lucrative ends, it can be detached: to reduce the tax of mortality of rising companies; to strengthen the competitiveness; to promote new potentials of development; to promote strategical areas for the development of the country; to allow the technological diversification; to stimulate the creation of innovative companies; to promote the development of solutions in partnerships and to increase the empreendedorismo. Program PII the Program of Incentive to technological Innovation – PII, is a program of the State secretary of Science, Technology and Superior Education of Minas Gerais? SECTES, in partnership with the Brazilian Service of Support to the Micron and Small Companies of Minas Gerais – SEBRAE-MG as support of the Foundation of Development of the Research? FUNDEP, that has as objective to foment the research and the innovative development in the state.

The Unexpected

Such terms are not on to the characteristics of the object, but yes the qualities or the disposals of the citizen, either that one that produce, either that one that judges the beauty. What he is beautiful is defined by the way as learn we it, analyzing the conscience of that he pronounces a taste judgment. Soon, the beauty is something as such reveals for us, we perceive that it, that is on to the directions, to the recognition of a pleasure, is predominant idea in diverse philosophical environments. In a similar way, it is in philosophical environments as such, that advances the idea of the Sublime one. 3 the SUBLIME one IS the ECHO OF a GREAT SOUL the Sublime one is a effect of the art (not a natural phenomenon), for whose accomplishment definitive rules concur and that it has as end the attainment of the pleasure. It is what it affirms Pseudo-Longino, the first author to write on Sublime still at the time alexandrina.

Longino places in first plan in the process of the creation artistic the moment of the enthusiasm: the Sublime one is, for it, something that livens up the poetical speech of inside for is and drags the listeners or readers to the ecstasy. As it affirms Pseudo-Longino (century I, Of the Sublime one), ' ' … the Sublime one does not take the listeners to the persuasion, but to the dither: because the unexpected jump that it provokes always prevails above all what it convinces or that agrada' '. The first seiscentistas reflections are still mentioned to one ' ' Sublime&#039 style; ' e, therefore, to a rhetorical procedure appropriate to the heroic arguments and express through a raised language, capable to make with that noblemen try themselves passions. According to Longino, five productive sources of the Sublime one, five categories that as have estimated common and basic the linguistic talent, without which exist if cannot make nothing.

Optimum Pastime

It is not difficult in the time where we live to see that the people want to arrange distractions and to learn things to run away from the pressures day to day. It is therefore that the majority ve in music an exit. To learn to sing is what the majority of the people thinks about making when the subject is to obtain new hobby, and many erram thinking that a sea of roses is everything. This is missed, to learn to sing much time is necessary and much more devotion of what great part of the musical instruments and also involves other areas that a violo would not demand of the person. My will is not to deal with disdain other intrumentos, sees some areas that you go to have that to take care of to study I sing. If you are passing for emotional problems this directly intervene with the emission of its voice and also with its form to think. Its assimilation of what you study or to sing will be harmed therefore.

She is not necessary to cite that on questions to its body with the one cooled or something modify the functioning of its fonador device, to studying I sing and voice, a simple night of incomplete sleep will go to affect the quality with that you sing and study. I do not want with this article to discourage you who want to learn to sing, for the opposite, my intention is that you know where she is stepping on so that if frustre or she does not stop in the way it way. The study I sing of it and of the voice he is something that brings much satistao, therefore is important that you study arduously if with professor or to apreder to sing alone. Serja what you will be searching with it I sing there, knows quemuita excellent thing is involved but you go spoon fruits in this walked. He studies with total devotion, he follows its material, its professor or its books the scratch and consults people of the area to also help you, this is excencial that you if do not feel alone in this walked. The more knowledge you to acquire, more easy will be for you to arrive in the desired target when you initiated and many times this hobby will be able even though to turn a new source income or a new professional activity.

I could see diverse times with many friends mine who had entered in this area are sing with it or playing some instrument, for example, vocs knew that the violonista of djavan was a professional of civil construction? as well as innumerable other examples that we can give, what it starts as hobby can finish turning a great passion that you were unaware of and to demonstrate natural talentos or does not stop something that you never imagined to make that she is to sing well. She is clearly that not necessary you to have this focus since the beginning, starts making for pure passion, either to sing with friends or even though alone in house. What it matters is if to amuse.

Red Trip Of Vanessa

Edson Silva In the article series on workmanships of ‘ ‘ teletransporte universal’ ‘ or simply travelling, the inspired music of today is ‘ ‘ Vermelho’ ‘ , in the pretty voice of Vanessa of Mata. The world wheel in goes, while it likes to admire the smile and to spend hours being seen to sleep the loved person. Not without time, the singer observes the sun to invade the soil of the apartment and the Square of If where it sees an old one spending its solitude in way to the pigeons. To the gostoso rocking of reggae, the talentosa singer says to be red kisses that burn almost it. Kisses certainly of the loved person, meigos eyes.

Alert Vanessa that everything can retrocede. The old solitary of the square, perhaps taken now for the multitude of people and pigeons, can be people at moment of solitude in the deep one of the soul, when we need to request aconchego to finish with the cold, who knows in red kisses, that almost burn in them and leave languid our face. How wealth our Brazilian Popular Music! When remembering the workmanship, until it seems that the voice of Vanessa of Mata starts to take by assault ours softly soul and is installed in subtle and natural way, as if always we had been property of the imerecida beauty. is not as soon as makes look like to be most of this world of contrasts? The same beauty, that we believe nor to deserve, divides space with histories of solitude, sadnesses and injustices. But, as alert Vanessa, everything it can retrocede at any point and who knows, instead of being the solitary gentleman of the square and the pigeons, either it example of the well lived life and that in it will give the prescription to them of making to be valid the penalty to live, in intense way, always admiring the magician of the art (of Vanessa), them colors (Red), them images (the sun invading the soil it apartment and of the public square) and of the sounds (reggae that it packs and it makes to follow trip in the kisses, that in they almost burn).