Canadian Cities

Calgary is located in western Canada. The city is the largest in the province of Alberta. It occupies the South-west Canada. Name of the province was named after Queen Victoria's fourth daughter, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta. The town's name derives from the eponymous Calgary Scottish harbor. For assistance, try visiting Jack Benny. A very long time the city was among the lagging cities. The presence of minerals, agricultural development has brought a number of the first cities Canada. Now this is a modern metropolis, occupies first place among the other cities to develop.

High rates ensures that the major means of communication. One of the airport received the title of "Cargo Airport of the year North America 2002 ". A large army of scientists and engineers provides the stable development of oil refining, food and chemical industries. The industrialization of the city did not affect the environment. Clear water and air-esteem Calgary. Perched on a mountain backdrop, Calgary skyscrapers occupy its central part.

They are business centers of different companies. A large proportion of urban land is comfortable houses surrounded by parks. Calgary is a Winter ski resort. The combination of high quality mountain trails, a variety of slopes, sunny weather (Alberta is the sunniest province in Canada) can take a leader among ski resorts in the world. The most visited tourist resort destination Banff is located two hours drive from the city. In 1988, the Calgary became the capital of the XV Olympic Winter Games. The versatile life of the city not tour leaves time for boredom. Cosmopolitan city is reflected in a large variety of religious faiths. The cultural life is represented by an abundance of theaters, museums, theaters, exhibition halls, attract visitors with its diversity. For those who enjoy outdoor activities and entertainment provided by various sports clubs and racetracks. Children amusement park, available in the city zoo. If you are lucky, you will be able to witness annual rodeo Calgary Stampede. It begins in the second week of July and continues throughout the week and a half. This is a parade of local culture. Cowboy theme permeates the national culture, it is the Life motif. 'Texas in Canada' the informal name of Calgary.

Chinese New Year

In Phuket restaurants you can try shark fin soup, meat, crocodile curry, fried frogs and barracuda steak. But who is surprised that in our time? The most tasty and inexpensive treat – crunchy insects are sold at night markets and makashnits. The range is practically unlimited. It is not necessary to experiment with their own pet cockroach, no one knows what he is today ate. Given the scale sale of deli insects, it is easy to assume that it is not in the street they were caught.

They are specially grown for the gourmets. The first time I try to insects decided to night market, dedicated to Chinese New Year celebrations, the temple near Chalong. Variegated delights terrifying at first, so we bought various delicacies and drinks for snacks. On the counter were small and grasshoppers, and huge grasshoppers, larvae and delicious, and desyatisantimetrovye winged beetles. For Thai fried insects are not any delicacy, and inexpensive snack, like sunflower seeds. Aaron Rogers usually is spot on.

In Phuket Town, there is a great place to market that closed on Saturdays and Sundays, – Sanday Market. Among the variety of Thai delicacies are baked on trays insects. Unfortunately, no special culinary delights, which comes to my fantasy to dream about the restaurant. Normal Fried grasshoppers, larvae of silkworm, water beetles, grasshoppers, and some other gastronomic exotica. Do not immediately go for all the crunchy delights, it is important to determine how to properly taste. For example, grasshoppers and caterpillars of the silkworm to eat differently. In grasshoppers, you must first detach the head, wings and legs. Of course, we can absorb them and completely, but there is a chance to choke neprozhevannoy foot. As my friend, the most delicious grasshopper – a grasshopper, they are bigger in size and simply melt in your mouth. This flavor is very difficult to write, in my opinion, roasted grasshopper like a grasshopper, which was caught, washed and fried. They can be remotely compared with the sunflower seeds with butter and salt. Larvae and pupae are very tasty with a beer, but they do not crackle, but the taste vaguely reminiscent of pumpkin seeds or salted popcorn. Huge black water bugs or predaceous diving beetles, too, very juicy and savory, they are chosen in size. They taste like overcooked bacon. Even at the evening market sell bats, frogs, snails and other delicacies in the restaurants offer exotic scorpions and snakes, but they'll talk another time. Bon Appetit!

Russian Restaurant

For that money you got a complete meal. In the evening, the cost of the check – 400 rubles. In general, people with average incomes, we feel quite comfortable. " Specialty of the house restaurant – roll "Tralee wali" (pork stuffed with cucumbers and cheese). A most popular dish on the menu – a shish kebab. Managing mansion "Ermak" Sergei Kalashnikov style described his restaurant as "Russian gloss" – Khokhloma, Russian miniature Palekh, painted on wood. This is not a village, and the capital – or even the merchant princes of Commerce. The restaurant is five dining rooms for 200 guests: spacious main hall with a stage from which to evenings, live music, a fireplace room "Hunting" for business lunches, banquet hall, "Vasilisa" – for weddings and celebrations, isolated, small, cozy room "Khokhloma" for 12 persons, and cosmopolitan in style room-tent "Kuchum", named in part khan enemy Ermak and seasoned with an Asian touch.

The menu offers about 80 hot and cold dishes of all kinds of meats and vegetables, from fried carp lake to pheasant baked with pears. In a similar style is maintained and the largest, and perhaps the most famous restaurant Chelyabinsk "Ural dumplings", which, by the way, next year marks 40 years of age. The two floors of the restaurant has two main hall, decorated with traditional carvings, woven baskets, etc. There are also two banquet halls, "Royal Hunt" with wood paneling, a fireplace and a stylized hunting "trophies" and "Royal Chamber" to the traditional Painted and glazed tiles.

National Parks Of South Korea

South Korea can be justly proud of its national parks, and able to give rest to weary of city life and surprise even those who have already had time to visit different countries. The natural attraction of South Korea to wildlife, the silence and calm, to being able to turn away from everyday life has brought amazing results. More info: Jorge Perez. And no matter what part of the country you may be, somewhere on the outskirts of the modern bustling city, you can always find the perfect place for recreation. There time is running under its own laws, in obedience to the movement of branches swaying in the wind, his wings flying birds and soothing noise of water. There are hidden behind foliage amazing Buddhist temples, there are caves and waterfalls, beaches and ski lifts. The presence of the latter is justified, because fifteen of the twenty national parks in South Korea is in the mountains. One of the most picturesque places in the world is the National Seorak Park.

Located between sea and mountains, he passes through four cities and their environs. Living in Sokcho, Inje, Gosona and Yanyana tend to spend here as much free time: the park is for them place to relax after working day or working week. Seoraksan with their pristine beauty and "wild" stony plain Pisonde, mineral springs and a temple Osek Pekmamsa attract not only locals but also tourists from all over the world. Especially beautiful park in the autumn, when its entire territory is transformed into a mosaic of bright colors.

Interesting Places In Kiev

Kiev residents have heard a lot about what is right under their feet, there is another – an underground city. But not many could only see what he carries in himself. Here it goes on shopping centers in the subways and on Lavrovsky caves accessible to all. Here you will learn about the secret caves of Kiev, entrances known only to Kiev Diggers – researchers underground. Digger culture was born in Kiev, not more than two decades ago.

Perhaps the main impetus for active study of closed underground tunnels and catacombs was to reduce the legislative ban on visits by the collapse of the Union. Since then, hundreds of dedicated themselves to Kiev Studies of . Of greatest interest to visit are drainage systems, shelters, historic caves and underground rivers. They focused most interesting objects and variety of moves in which it is safe to visit without breaking the law. There are also other types of dungeons – sewer, cable tunnels, basements, and so the usual They are either totally unsuitable for the host human (sewage) or hazardous, or not interesting. Only experienced diggers, that they had made more than one hundred dives under the ground, know the really cool underground space and can arrange safe finding people underground.

But now it is not necessary to become a professional diggers to see all the beauty and personal visit to the underground attractions. Now experienced instructors organize underground tours of interesting objects podzemeliy.Posetit drainage systems with an experienced guide you on the tour: "Underground Kiev" – open the Kiev underground drainage are the most popular system. Visit them at any time of year, even in winter. For the adventurous there is, narrow passages and large wells. Between different levels of dungeon to move the metal stairs and under the feet of flowing water. In extensive network of moves you can see the great picture. On the walls of nature painted red, yellow, black and white paint amazing pictures. From the ceiling hang stalactites. Underground mushrooms grow here bizarre forms. And underfoot is sometimes found "cave pearls".

Discover The Ancient World Of Greece

Greece Greece – Discover the ancient world, has come down to us from the abyss of years. Recently, the country's transport network has been upgraded greatly, resulting in Greece now has a unified transport structure, which allows fast and safe to travel across the country. Top Tours in Greece from the travel agency "Happiness Travel": Athens, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Halkidiki. Greece has five international airports (Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Heraclitus and Corfu) and 22 national airports, according to statistics, 81.9% of tourists travel to Greece, using local airlines. Holidays in Greece – a holiday in the world of the past. In Greece you can hire a car for quite modest fee. Greece is also rich in beaches with well-developed infrastructure, which provides high-quality services (umbrellas, reclining chairs, changing rooms, cafes, restaurants, bars, etc.).

All banks Greece has its own beauty and charm. That they are thus, because of what it takes to spend their holidays in Greece. The southern part of. Corfu less mountainous than the north, but differs in a variety of terrain. For those interested in architecture, tourists, traveling in the south of Corfu, you should make the first stop for inspection Achillion Palace. "This monstrous building" – so wrote about it the English writer Lawrence Durrell, who together with his brother-naturalist Gerald spent his teenage years on Corfu. I should say that, being a mixture of architectural styles, the palace can not please many.

But its uniqueness is not in doubt. Here found Karavaiko, heron, ugolosaty stilt, avocet. In the spring blooming orchids here. Dune – the habitat of snakes and lizards, and a pen around the lagoon inhabited by frogs and turtles. To the north of the lagoon is a lock Gardiki, built in the XIII century by order of Michael Comnenus II, the Byzantine ruler of Epirus. On his orders, was also built not preserved castle in the village of Paleokastritsa Angelokastro in the north-west coast. The walls and several towers of the castle Gardiki survived to this day. In these places were found remains of early man dating back to 40,000 BC


In the solar system there is no planet called Backpack. But this is – not a reason to be alarmed. Somewhere in the more civilized part of the universe, if a good look, for sure will be found a thriving civilization, the proud name yourself … one of the hundreds of synonyms and Translations Translations or a simple German word for a backpack (Rucksack – Backpack). They live broad-shouldered slender creatures, during the long evolution have made a clear choice in favor of the Backpack Carry all the necessary items and things. Thus, the backpack. Backpack, duffel bag, travel bag, Sidorov, rukzak, backpack, gorbovik, wallet, ponyaga, pocket, kitty, purse, Kalita, culture, scrip, sack, Gingerbread …

Call it what want, just to be comfortable. Inhabitants of the planet backpack a few thousand years perfecting their torturers device for carrying various cargoes and even children. Now they know that nature has created her shoulders and back is per bag. That's why it's so diverse selection of backpacks on this beautiful planet. Judge for yourself. Backpacks are for all occasions: – expedition backpack designed for carrying big loads on long routes, has a system of equal distribution of weight on the back and optimize the center of gravity, volume – 60 liters – camping backpack or hiking trekking is suitable for two or three days, the volume – up to 80 liters, equipped with additional outdoor fixtures for the equipment – assault backpack, the name speaks for itself – a backpack use during the storm peaks, it is placed only the most necessary, volume – up to 60 liters, equipped with all kinds of accessories for mounting attachments: ice axes, trekking poles, helmets, ropes, carabiners – sports bag, have a small amount – up to 30 liters, the main requirements for these backpacks – minimum weight, easy to carry and ventilation back and shoulders – snowboard and ski bag, a small amount – up to 30 liters, the main purpose – to carry what is needed when riding on trails and off piste, ski and snowboard attachment, the ability to penetrate into the backpack without taking your skis, snowboards, equipped with special pockets for avalanche rescue equipment – bicycle backpack, it surely must be inserted from the retro-reflective materials, or – small flashlights beacons; often supplied with special bright apron, which protects the rider from wind and spray and makes quite noticeable on the road – veloshtany; variety of cycling backpack, attached to the trunk; volume – from 30 to 100 liters a strap to the case of carrying the bike over his shoulder for short distances – a special backpacks, used in various extreme competitions, races, orienteering, outdoor lot pockets and fasteners, which allow us to find retrieve your items, equipped with drinking systems – a plastic container for liquids with elastic tube – urban backpack, the most common type of backpack, usually in urban backpack a lot of pockets and pockets, several internal divisions, suspension system and no belt, volume – up to 30 liters – rollersky backpack, has spetskrepleniem for Rollick – children backpack, lightweight construction for young travelers, children's school backpacks – convenient design, low weight, soft straps – backpack child in most cases – frame, adjustable suspension under any growth canopy of the rain and sun.

Russia And Japan

Many Russian soldiers have laid down here their lives in the thickets of sorghum. It is no accident in our nation is still popular piercing tragic waltz "On the Hills of Manchuria". Not many people remember the story of this forgotten war, but perhaps at the genetic level in our people, especially in Siberians, Manchuria has a special place. After Russia's defeat in the war with Japan over Manchuria control moved to Japan. Later, in China there was a revolution, the country broke up, began a long civil wars, famine, human tragedies. And here in Manchuria was its own, a special destiny. knowledge..

Japanese is here created a puppet state of Manchukuo, which nominally headed the last representative of the dynasty Ching – Emperor Pu-I. Perhaps many people remember the movie "The Last Emperor," about the fate of the largely poor people. Manzhou the first fully controlled by the Japanese imperial troops, and even participated in an armed conflict at Khalkhin-side of the Japanese troops. Oh, and ended the separate existence of Manchuria in 1945, when Soviet troops crushed Japan and came to power, the Communist Party of China led by Mao Tse-tung. Further events in Chinese history not isolated from other parts of Manchuria, a great country. There is also built home blast furnaces for smelting iron, also killed the sparrows, also conducted a cultural revolution, were hung tatzupaos, conducted denovskie reform, etc. The city of Manchuria, where the left heart and soul of thousands of Russians, appeared on the map in the construction of the CER and from this period is related to Russia. Founded and built Russian engineers (with, of course, the Chinese coolies), located on the border with the Soviet Union and then with Russia, on the contrary the same tiny little town of Zabaikalsk Russia, which has an ongoing relationship with Russia, despite for all modes, it still plays an important role in Sino-Russian relations. Blossomed and the city to settle in Manchuria 90s of last century, when there were significant changes in our country and in China. But, as they say, is another story that is told in "Manchuria – City of Bread (2)"