Biblical History

We do not know until where the examination carried through for the sodomitas arrived to arrive at this conclusion, but obviously, they had passed of the limits. We need to recognize, however, that they lack more explicit declarations. As result of the union between ' ' children of Deus' ' ' ' children of homens' ' bonanza people had been born, great warriors who, in some way, can be related the giants. Biblical History tells giants if opposing Israel. Prominences for Golias, the men of the city of ' ' Ai' ' that they had shaken the faith of the Israelis and for the giants that had rightened them you watch, provoking a dishonourable withdrawal for the desert where they had eaten sand for 40 years and where they would repeat the dose. I believe that the text is enough clearly for saying that the acasalamento between ' ' children of Deus' ' ' ' children of homens' ' it was the drop that lacked to light the clice of the anger of God on the men. Demons if had used to advantage of generalized depravation to introduce beings of double essence, what he would still more harm the life in the Land. The trigger that set in motion the dilvio, in result was this of which all the race human being was extinct, excepting the family of Noah.

The demons, however, had found a door of entrance in the permissividade and the degradation. What more if he could wait of a so decayed psdiluviana race how much its antecedents? He is clearly that everything would occur again. All that water was not enough to wash the dirt penetrated in hearts. We know that the Antichrist will be ' ' the son of diabo' '. One to be, that according to some, will be generated during its relation with one of ' ' children of homens' '. This hypothesis does not have to be discarded because the Satan it looks for to equal itself God in Its facts. The miraculosa incarnation of that it shows spectacular to be able can be part of the plans most left-hand side.

It has led in consideration that the reason of the Lucifer fall was exactly the intention to be based itself in ' ' Throne of the Altssimo' ' , equaling it. For a reason or purpose curiosity, the satanista doctrine foresees this possibility, and mentions capable demons of if materializing, making sex, to collect and to deposit genetic material during this relation. They call these beings ncubos and scubos. The first one takes the form feminine and collects and the other, in masculine form transmits the material genetic. Although it seems interesting and reasonable even though, this doctrine must be seen with caution, since it was formulated by devilish beings and not they are described in the Bible. This, however, strengthens the hypothesis of that the Antichrist will be a human being genetically modified, or as they say in the fiction films, an anomaly created for genetic engineering – a mutant. Ubirajara CrespoEditora Nas – TAGS. materialization OF DEMONS, ANTICHRIST, battle SPIRITUAL, SATANISM, DANIEL MASTRAL.


It is an intelligence strong related to the left side of the brain is one of more common intelligences. Tony Parker has compatible beliefs. Logical Inteligncia: People with this profile of intelligence have one high capacity of memory and a great talent to deal with mathematics and logic in general. I also know one gentleman illiterate who makes mathematical calculations faster of what somebody with a calculator in hands! The ones that possesss this type of intelligence have easiness to find solution of complex problems, having the capacity to divide these problems in lesser problems and to go deciding until arriving the final reply. Are organized, disciplined people and if they detach in mathematical games as the Domin. It is an intelligence strong related to the right side of the brain. Motor Inteligncia: People with this type of intelligence possess a great talent in corporal expression and have an amazing notion of space, distance and depth. The olmpicos esportistas if fit in this type of intelligence, therefore, they have a control on the body biggest that the normal one, being capable to carry through complex, gracious movements or then strong with enormous precision and easiness.

It is an intelligence related to the cerebellum that is the portion of the brain that controls the voluntary movements of the body. He is one of the types of intelligence directly related to the coordination and motor capacity. Space Inteligncia: People with this profile of intelligence have an enormous easiness to create, to imagine and to draw images 2D and 3D. They have a great capacity of creation in general but mainly she has an enormous talent for the graphical art. People with this profile of intelligence have as main characteristics the creativity and sensitivity, being capable to imagine, to create and to enxergar things that who does not have this type of developed intelligence, in general, does not obtain.

The Word

Thus also it proceeds with everything what he comes to it to the hands. 4.ORAO OF CURE? Many times somebody in asks for a conjunct to them to be cured, or until we ourselves we need one cure. It is the moment to make a differentiated conjunct, using its saint faith, to supplicate the God the cure. In this and all too much conjuncts, we have that to trust the Word that brings glorious promises of ' ' God who you sara' '. 5.ORAO OF RELEASE? This is a different conjunct. Sela Ward has much to offer in this field.

The son of God if comes across with a malignant picture of satanic operation. It has that to arrive ahead of God, to ask for authority to it and, after that, he commands to the dirty spirit abandons the life to who is dominating. This conjunct demands discernment of espritos, to understand clearly what it is facing. 6.ORAO OF INTERCESSION? This is an altruistic conjunct. Somebody needs something and requests of a brother helps who it in conjunct.

To the times it is a group of conjunct that makes that is the results is surprising. 7.ORAO OF CONFESSION? To the times it is necessary to arrive ahead of the Father and to confess the committed sins to it. After the confession, a pardon order is followed, what it will bring one blessed relief for its heart. 8.ORAO OF SUPLICATION? This already is one more serious and intense conjunct. The servant is needing you, urgently, of a solution of problems and it the Mr. supplicates blesses who it, that he gives a urgent reply to it. 9.ORAO OF WORSHIP? This is an unfastened, altruistic conjunct, very sacred. The son of God, conscientious of its condition of conscientious adorador and of the largeness, sanctity, magnitude, love, Majesty and deity of God, prostra it its feet does not stop asking for, or being thankful, but to adore, to confess what he thinks of God, to glorify it, to praise it, to magnficar it, only to enjoy it in perfect communion.

The Maccabeas

When Antoco III, the Great one, wins the armies of the Ptolomeus, the Jews of apiam it to Jerusalem in this fight, according to Flvio Josefo1. The selucida party in Jerusalem is stronger of what the ptolomaico. Therefore, Jerusalem is contemplated a decree of Antoco III, in 197 B.C., that contains the following specifications: That a real contribution for the sacrifices is given, in animals, flour wine, oil, incense, flower, wheat and salt; The removed wood of the Jew and the Lebanon for the works of construction of the Temple and the porches is exempt of taxes; All the members of the Jewish people must live laws of its parents according to;

The Senate (gerousia), the priests, the scribes of the Temple and the singers of the Temple, are exempt of the capitation, the coronary tax and the tax on the salt, tax exemption. Three years for the current inhabitants of the city and for that to come in it to live until definitive date, so that the city is repovoada more fast. It is interesting to observe the measures of Antoco III on the taxes. The wood for the restoration of the Temple is exempt of the customs tax, that happens on all the merchandises in circulation. The Senate and the employees of the Temple are exempt of the capitation, collected personal tax of the adults.

They are exempt also of the tax what before he was spontaneous finishes institutionalized and obligator Tornado, only being able the king to grant the exemption. Still: the Senate and the Temple are exempt of the tax on the salt. This tax is known in Palestine and Babilnia. Probably paid determined value to the government, or perhaps, in the Palestine, that has good salt mines, if it has accepted the product ‘ ‘ in natura’ ‘. The inhabitants of the city, finally, are exempt during 3 years of the phros, the tribute, in silver or products, demanded of a province, a temple, thnos or a city, this last one being the case of Jerusalem.