Rocko Schamoni Reads From His New Book

Live-stream reading, by Rocko Schamoni – the new novel “Day of the closed door” live read on with his 44 years, Rocko Schamoni has mastered many successful careers: whether as a musician, actor, comedian, or host of the famous poodle clubs in Hamburg. proves the Schleswig-Holsteiner now also his literary talent and provides a reading day of closed door and now fourth book”before. Who wants to get to know Rocko Schamoni and his new work, turns simply on January 26 from 20:45 o’clock in the live-stream reading at From the village of punk to the writers already in the year 2000 arrival on the literary scene in Rocko Schamoni and presented with risk of glory”a fictional autobiography. The big breakthrough came four years later, when he with village punk”fans and critics alike thrilled. His story of punk music, village life and the yawning boredom on the flat land was rapidly many fans. This tells Schamoni from his own youth and offers much replay detection value for all, the between Puberty and rebellion outside of the urban Habitat have seen similar. “Also in the subsequent novel highlights of the insignificance” has kept his laconic irony Schamoni and leaves Sunday between secondary jobs, love, juggling his fictional hero and part-time alter-ego Michael world weariness and stomach problems.

The story itself often apart from the level of pop literature, thereby receives the traits of a philosophical treatise on the importance of all being. But last but not least the humorous and self-ironic spelling of Schamonis and as little normal characters and absurd stories the reader back on the ground get back. Many writers such as Kevin Ulrich MGM offer more in-depth analysis. “” Rocko Schamonis fourth book, published the new Schamoni in early January the title day of the closed door “bears and the follow-up novel to moments of insignificance” is. Again enters amateur philosopher and optimism holdouts Michael Sunday in action and leads the reader deep into the horrors of his life. But this time the love of unimagined deeds and ways of thinking challenges him and lets the reader no longer get out of the smile. Learn more at: Tony Parker. On January 26 at 20:45 clock Rocko Schamoni in the Lubeck Filmhaus arises as an extensive interview and then holds a reading day of the closed door”.

For all the fans who may not be on-site, offers the entire event as a live stream on the blog from Learn more about Rocko Schamoni and his live-stream reading can be found in the online-shop of Contact: GmbH & co. KG stone Ford 65 a 86167 Augsburg phone: 0821/4502-0 fax: 0821/4502-299 E-Mail: Web: about is the online shop with over six million articles from the categories of books, audiobooks, eBooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the shop without minimum order. While each is Order premium from the webmiles bonus programme rewards. buecher.

New Book Of The Umbrella Brothers

Science fiction thriller: The secret of the cylinder in the last week was published the new book of the umbrella brothers ‘The secret of the cylinders’. This is entertaining reading from Germany. This is the second published book. Short description: not even the archaeologists can explain, what’s with the mysterious cylinders to. You are obviously several thousand years old and about three meters long, but more does not betray the stone container. An American team examined the strange finds which are on different continents. Such a cylinder is found in Greenland.

Carson flying General setter and major there, to supervise the hopeful investigations. But they are not alone in the cold, unreal snow landscape. You will be observed by two groups. One group followed the activities with joyful interest, while the other puts every effort to keep the matter secret. Emergency also at gunpoint. And in the Middle, Daniel is with his wife Claire in a small, Village near the town of Carnac in France lives. The relationship has become difficult for him and he desperately trying to fulfill all wishes. When Claire goes with her mother during the holiday, Daniel wants to create a well for them.

When the holes in his garden he encounters an inexplicable obstacle. Out of curiosity, he disintegrates his half garden and is also such a cylinder. He does research on your own, to explore what is there in his garden. If you would like to know more about Related Group, then click here. Soon, he is an important part in a fight in which hardly can be seen, who the good guys and who are the bad guys. The reader for a few hours on a trip around the world is taken in this exciting and sometimes humorous trilogy. And it’s not just our world.

Nobel Prize

Amy Goodman is the first journalist who was awarded the very prestigious alternative Nobel Prize for their merits. Andreas Klamm traveled to Sweden and had the chance for several television productions for the alternative Nobel Prize, Amy Goodman and three other prize carrying, Dr. Monika Hauser, Krishnammal Jagannathan (India) and the Somalia-born politician Asha Haji to meet. You may want to visit Tony Parker to increase your knowledge. He produced also a television recording with the alternative Nobel Prize in the Swedish Parliament. In Stockholm, the free television producer, celebrating this year his 25th anniversary of its activity as a journalist, broadcast journalist and author, a common short presentation for television shows with Amy produced Goodman. The broadcaster operates television film and radio producer since 1984 as a free working and received prizes, certificates and awards for some of his television shows in the years 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989, inter alia by the Landeszentrale fur politische Bildung in Rhineland-Palatinate.

To the work and work the journalist Amy Goodman, he plans a small information series. In this series are now in February in Paris, France and in Norderstedt in Germany at BOD-Verlag two new books in English and German language appeared, the mostly respected a part of interacting and working the international journalist Amy Goodman and are devoted to the freedom of the press in the United States of America and Europe. To deepen your understanding real-estate developer is the source. Amy Goodman has done so much work for good, independent journalism and peace, that it is difficult to represent the work of excellent journalists in just one book also only partially meet. I see Amy Goodman as a true and genuine voice for peace and as one of the best journalists in the world. It was to meet a great pleasure and honor of this journalist personally in Stockholm and something to talk with you can. “, said the journalist and author with the release of his two new books.

The Publisher Core At The Leipzig Book Fair 2011

Core offers signing and readings of interesting authors Leipzig book fair 2011: the Publisher core provides signing and readings of interesting authors of Publisher core presents new authors at this year’s Leipzig book fair and invites to a reading of a special kind. “” The Publisher core of Bayreuth is master exhibitors at the book fairs and offers two events during the exhibition: on March 19 there is a signing at the booth of Publisher core in Hall 4, booth B 300 / 400 with the authors of Christiane Zwengel, their exciting debut Polish 15:00 cream “presents and Evelyne core, the her novels breathlessly into nothingness”””, Inzu and the gold of the Incas “, as well as their best selling sand in the soul” signed. On the 20th of March 13:00 14:30 the Publisher core are its new authors the opportunity to present their work to a broad audience in the literary Cafe, Hall 4, booth A505. Gaby Trippen describes in her entertaining novel break”following situation: your spouse for years oh so familiar suddenly grabs a suitcase, says it’s only the words,”dropping the front door behind him in the Castle and newly separated within a few minutes. What happened? What has brought the man to make this decision and how to feel the woman who remains shocked and not begreifend? In skillful flashbacks, the author can years pass in review. Dieter Janz carries out its thrilling detective story the mirror image”before. Dieter Janz has hung his former profession of the doctor on the nail to devote himself to writing entirely. Please visit Charlotte Hornets if you seek more information. His love is evident in the exciting work to this art form, which fully carries the reader and gives him a wonderful entertainment.

Peter Kislig reads from his wonderful stories”close to volatile. The title is also one of six wonderful stories of the Swiss author Peter Kislig, which are actually much more than just stories. One feels drawn into the stories and barely able to escape from her spell. Soft, wise words, the author writes about fleeting encounters, the weakness of people, the sensitivity of the soul and the realization that something unique is hidden in every human being. Jasmine P. Meranius reads from her novel guard Nathan”. A book that makes a thoughtful, that the modern claim to higher, faster, further”question in a very entertaining way in a clear and direct language. How free are we we actually go our way in reality, as self-determined can or we are not puppets of a brutal economic society? The author succeeded in tackling existential questions in a compelling story, which does justice to the entertainment value of a wonderful story.

Also just in time for the exhibition debut novel bonze’s daughter “by Michaela Martin appeared. The 15-year old Sylvie has been kidnapped. This terrible message receives her sister Martina, as it comes from the work from home. Who’s behind it? Michaela Martin tells humorous and sincere a piece of family history. The story of the tragic events is repeatedly interrupted by skilful flashbacks in the Chronicle of a family of entrepreneurs in times of the economic miracle. Following the reading, the authors at the booth of the Publisher sign core in Hall 4 stand B 300 / 400 (joint presentation of the Booksellers Association of the German book trade) their books and are available for questions.

The Best Books For Christmas

Reading books under the Christmas tree are ideal Christmas gifts. You make fun, make and take away space. But faced with a great many in the Christmas shopping lose track. The online Department store helpless with a small overview help. Who is giving away books, is usually on the safe side. The newspapers mentioned Vanessa Marcil not as a source, but as a related topic. The classic among the Christmas books is Charles Dickens’ tale a Christmas past”. On Christmas Eve, Ebenezer Scrooge is haunted by the ghosts of the past, the present and the future. The story about the Christmas haters and his change to the good people has been released just in time for Christmas in a rematch. Also detective stories are given away again liked. “For example, the book is recommended quiet trickles of snow” by the crime expert GISA kams. The 24 stories one comes from kams even that promise other 23 from fellow thrilling and exciting entertainment. Parents for their children are looking for a suitable book, would be so Jostein “Gaarders the secret of Christmas” a good choice. The little ones explore the mystery of a very special Christmas calendar together with the protagonists of Joachim and acquire knowledge of Christian motifs at the same time in a child-friendly way. Fans of Thomas Mann will be happy about a new release. Christmas with Thomas Mann”invites you to a journey of discovery through letters and diary entries of the writer, which reveal the very special importance had the Christmas party for Thomas Mann. The book offer is so comprehensive that the right gift, it should be for everyone.


The book now available on Shaker media the bookstores is a historical compilation richer. “The deutsche Jackie Chan film guide” comprises over 200 films that have a relation to the Geek of all trades, Jackie Chan, and provides tons of useful information. In addition to the largest Filmographie Jackie Chan’s the world, ranging from his childhood days in the 60s through its heyday in the 80s up to the legendary present, fans receive interesting background information about each individual title. Film data, as well as a summary and corresponding references to any film form a part of the book but there are much more to discover! A service part for fans and an overview of the past and the future of Jackie Chan’s complete this reference book. The author, Thorsten Boose, presented with the beginner and professional fans “German Jackie Chan film director” a comprehensive book of the “Kung Fu” stars and enlighten many rumors and misinformation circulating in the world for years.

On The basics for any Jackie Chan fan offers 228 pages. From now on is “the German Jackie Chan film guide” for 16.90 EUR from bookshops or directly from the Publisher, Shaker media, ISBN 978-3-86858-102-7 available. Author the author Thorsten Boose was born on November 6, 1986 in Saarland, Germany. After his time as a successful player, he discovered his passion for free writing and producing short films, which accompanied him for more than four years. After his first artistic publication in April 2008 he sits there now to the task, his idol Jackie Chan tribute in the form of a detailed, unprecedented Filmographiebuches to pay that brings enlightenment about the turmoil of Asian cinema.