Getting Beyond The Crisis

Focus on what’s left, not what he lost focus on what they had before the crisis only make you more aware of their loss and aggravate their sense of frustration, will keep discussing the problem and prevents him from seeing what is the solution. Do not fall into the story of the hen that had two chicks, one of whom became seriously ill and she killed the other to give the sick chicken broth to see if he could recover. If you want to recover from a crisis make an inventory of all you have, what are the physical and economic resources which now who can help him, that experience is that good image, that knowledge can take advantage of that opportunity is, it can do with all these resources, where you can start, who to call, who to avoid, where you should go … or watch what’s left is all you have. The real problem is not what happened in the past, if you just get out of a crisis, the real problem is not the crisis, the real problem is how are you doing to move forward.

Remember as started, then as now was perhaps very little, only the hope and blind faith to accomplish to be successful, I feel like that now, in any case today is more experienced, have knowledge, may have more contacts, more friends, maybe now you have children and a family who can help, if he can put aside the inventory of what was lost can fly faster, start again, if before the fall with less experience, which prevents you succeed now? Do not feel defeated. The great advantage of rock bottom, is that from now on everything will be profit, tomorrow will be better than today and this every day, there will soon be forgotten and be on your way to success once again. Remember that you are the leader and his followers are not to see defeated, inspires you, consider where you would like to take them, they become infected by his enthusiasm, they will be willing to help, show them the way and they will help you clear it. The third step is to inventory everything that is and what it has to start again.