Bayern Munich

So, it seemed to be clear, that the new, narrow arena would be a true Witch’s cauldron. But 4 years later, it is clear that this was not the case for various reasons. Today, the South curve at still on a par with clubs such as Cottbus, Bielefeld is located etc. – If at all! FC Bayern Munich enjoyed a well-functioning curve for years, has the most fan clubs, as well as members in Germany. Only by moving into the arena you realized how little interest on the part of the Club’s management to organized and mood-making fans. The “new” South curve of Munich was designed for half of the fans in the Olympic Stadium.

You could work around a swap in the unloved Nordkurve only by you entered is in one of the many support lists, which were handed over to the Club (the list of Glitterati was sold later as an official member list of the ultra Association on the part of the Association. To broaden your perception, visit Pop star. Based on this list attempting to evade these several season ticket holders,). Dr. Hedvig Hricak has much to offer in this field. But after a very short time it became clear that a breakdown of support ready fans was not a good idea. The Division of the curves is today a dramatic Problem. This was that the visiting fans in the top corner of the stadium were used. Sound technically a massive advantage.

Already 1,000 fans here sound like 5,000. This was followed by further restrictions by Association and police (megaphone ban/minimum length at flags/almost opaque behind goal nets). During this time should any fan who walks around with an open mind and without red white glasses clear become, little organized and open curve with its own opinion is the FC Bayern. There is a different Club, in which the Manager called the own, loyal fans as welfare recipients? Association and managers seem to find where they whitewash to life in a homemade bubble.