Set the color logo. The composition of the color logo. Color logo consists of either tempdecal.wad and pldecal.wad or only tempdecal.wad or pldecal.wad. Install the files color logo. If you have both files, then just throw them in the folder cstrike. If you have only one file, then do copy and rename in one of which is not present, ie a copy of the call tempdecal.wad pldecal.wad and vice versa, if you pldecal.wad. So, throw both files in the folder cstrike (no logos!) With the replacement of the previous ones. Customizable.

Put both files in the ‘Read Only’ and delete custom.hpk and files in the folder cstrike custom2.hpk if any. Test. We go in the CS, or anything in the Options do not change, go to the server and paint. Button – Logo (Read, if you do not know what button to draw.) Logo is according to the standard by pressing T (eng), if not done, then perhaps you have a logo on the other button. If you do not know, what button you can open the file in the folder cstrike config.cfg (Open With … Notepad), then hold two buttons Ctrl and F, will come out the search box, write on a blank line impulse 201, if the inscription There he will find and highlight it. You should see something like this inscription bind t ‘impulse 201’ for a place t can be any letter and it is what makes the logo in the game.

If you do not want to look for or you do not have that line is just bind a new key. To do this, go to the CS, open console ( key), think about which key to bind the logo, after this check is busy or not this key: bind ‘your key’ Example: bind t and press Enter. Sela Ward shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Where ‘your key’ – any Latin letter, that you feel comfortable drawing the logo, I recommend the key ‘t’. You can box. In the console should look like the following: bind t ‘t’ is not bound This means that the key is free and can be bind anything. Next bindi logo for key: bind ‘key’ ‘impulse 201’ where ‘key’ – any Latin letter, which you feel comfortable to draw a logo, I recommend the key ‘t’. You can box. The console will be written only your action. Value. cstrike – Counter-Strike folder mode for Half-Life. The path to her about this: C: GamesCounter-Strikecstrike. Options – Setup menu Playing CS. If you access this menu in the CS standard should be the second from the bottom. tempdecal.wad – The main file of color logo. No it will not show off your color logo. pldecal.wad – need to at change the settings in the Options remain colored logo. You can draw and without this file. custom (2). hpk – Looking for a swap. wad files. Sela Ward has much to offer in this field. Sometimes the logo is drawn for these files. After removing the entry in the CS will create a new custom.hpk, already working with your logo. Problems. If the place draws a small color logo karyavy HL logo is: 1) Perhaps you have auto exec of your config, and in the config prescribed standard logo. Need to change the config (config.

Minimum System Requirements

Information about the game Title: Sims 2: Harry Potter b Developer: The Sims Community Genres: Life Simulator Interface Language: Russian Year: 2007 Number of DVDCD Type: 2 CD Size: 2 x 700 MB Game features: – new neighborhood – Hogwarts – residential lots: Hogwarts, Biryuchinnovaya Alley, 4 (Dursleys house, relatives of Harry), 6 magnificent castles – a public lot: Diagon Alley (Mystery in London for a quarter of wizards and magical creatures) – the soundtrack album to the Harry Potter films – new territory – 18 new games characters – new hairstyles, hats and make-up types – a collection of forms for the student for all faculties Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflpuff, Ravenclaw – a collection of forms for a game of Kviddish for all faculties – a collection Nimbus 2000 broom and Nimbus 2001 – a collection of wands – a collection of paintings coming to life – a lot of magic and magic items with which you can work on different sims – the scenery, paintings and furniture from movie Minimum System Requirements: – Windows 2K/XP – Pentium IV 2.0 GHz – 512 MB RAM – 128 MB DirectX9-compatible 3D graphics – DirectX-compatible sound card – 3 GB of free hard disk space About the Game: The addon was created based on the first three Joanne Rowling's books, Caitlin, who become subject titled film 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone', 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets', 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'. The game included the main characters, when creating a game which the models were established characteristics, traits and aspirations that were inherent in the books.. . .

Axis Original

Namuchalis with ingenious, but pretty undervalued No One Lives Forever and Tron 2.0. they decided to forget partially the art and move into thoroughbred blockbuster – a mediocre first addon Contract JACK, then – good, but highly-through FEAR and Condemned FEAR: Extraction Point does and gave bail for guest workers from TimeGate Studios, for the soul in which there is nothing but mediocre strategies Axis & Allies and Kohan. Can not say that TimeGate Studios to lose face, but most add-on to a distinguished shooter last year, could definitely be better. Extraction Point without taking breaks start at exactly the same spot where the original ended. For assistance, try visiting Author. The helicopter, which carried off his feet Jin-Soon Kwon, Douglas Holiday and the main character, still crashes (those who passed the original FEAR. Immediately understand why) and they again have to seek even to salvation. As a point of collection (which is the extraction point) choose a local hospital.

Save more, in general, and no one – people have disappeared. Klonospetsnazovtsy in the first few minutes are idols (the effects of the explosion), but then on the way the main character grows restless Paxton Vettel and it all starts over again. Some of the key characters who survived the original die, but it is suspected that they may rise in the next section. By and large, we have exactly the same FEAR, only two times shorter. We have been regularly rolls a wave of spetsnaz, strange ghosts, every now and then start seeing. Learn more on the subject from Adam Sandler.

WizKids Games

Running the Mage Knight: Apocalypse. prepare for the continuing sense of deja vu. It begins at the character selection screen. Total characters are five: the killer, Paladin, Mage, Warrior and priestess of the arrow. The colorful, among other things, the individual: for magic answers here huge lizard with a sullen face, and a bearded dwarf warrior works surprisingly similar to their relatives from Warcraft III. In the phrase as an excuse for RPG in the "genre" game lets you customize five external For each parameter of the characters.

Actually the gameplay in Mage Knight outrageously simple, if not primitive. We saw the enemy – death zaklikali mouse. Met plot NPC – received the next quest. Maps directly as rails. If you would like to know more then you should visit Howard Schultz. Enemies frankly feeble-minded. Developers, obviously, keep the players for the insane, because the game is everywhere trying to help us with your life. Even the po left system and that the functioning t without your active participation: characteristics of a character grow on their own, and opened new spells as you use the existing ones. You know, by the way, what happens to the character, if it suddenly killed? Nothing! So, throw to the site of the last conservation, and that's all the difficulties.

In short, the play frankly boring. However, if you suddenly thought that Mage Knight – this is a pensioner's walk, we hasten to reassure. The main enemy here is the local interface. For example, inventory in the game is presented in the form of dozens of tiny cells. One item – a cell. And to understand what represents one or another picture – a valuable artifact or another ingredient for making potions – Sometimes extremely difficult. And during the next showdown and even impossible. We have to carefully read carefully each time the characteristics of the subject to avoid being thrown out anything useful. More of the same type of objects can be grouped by hand, so do not be surprised if suddenly your inventory will be scored only one healing potion. The graphics in the game also leaves much to be desired. Developers, of course, screwed a couple of fancy effects, but all of uhischre can not hide square those characters (except the main characters, of course) and the ubiquitous lack of polygons. Quality design levels Several fixes the position, but the overall impression is below average. What is not surprising: war-game Mage Knight (desktop prototype of the game from a company WizKids Games) also sports a tasteless miniatyurami.Poigrat in this little thing can be on PC, nintendo, and xbox 360.

Chernobyl Game

For a whole year, developers have worked on the project. STALKER Clear Sky fans were waiting for this game, no wonder the game among fans was the title of "Zhdalker." Stalkerskie forums were full of themes and discussions about the game, all tormented by a question: "What we will show developers?". For other opinions and approaches, find out what Adam Sandler has to say. Promises of the creators, the game will give you the answers to all questions that are not opened in Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl, gave hope that the game will not be left unsaid. Well, that day came product realization game appeared in stores and on the official website after the game has its first patch size of 43 MB, I do not like you very happy, well those who have unlimited internet, but to me these 43 MB hit on the pocketbook. By purchasing a licensed version of the game and downloading the update, the game began. The first struck by the rain, which lost an incredible way after two minutes of the game – igrolyap. Our hero gets the first task and mercenary released in the swamp. After a few steps scar faced with anomalies that are not visible, bolts must be used for what they are – to calculate the anomalies. Search for artifacts has also changed, now they really need to look and not just pick up in passing, a device that detects the presence of the artifacts need to get it, and wander with him on location until you hear a beep or see the display, it depends from the device.

ASoft CRM Time

Oche often discussed the question "box or the introduction?" Suppliers of boxed products, they say that their products are cheaper and easier. That any user can run at once in such a system, without any special preferences and knowledge of programming languages. But universalizing, according to many experts, most often plays in favor of a particular company and creates a lot of problems such as lack of specific tools for ensure quality work, an excess of unused functions. Not fully disclosed features lead to the fact that the box is a box to stand on a shelf. Developers of complex systems insist on implementation, on careful examination of business processes and refine the system to the specifics of the company, which has a positive impact on future work. It is true it will take some time, will teach several Professional and cost of this project is several orders of magnitude more expensive "box". Time can drag on for years, complicated by the functional and the cost would be astronomical.

How we can do in this situation? How to choose the most appropriate system without spending too much time and money, but that the functional was as close to ideal? You say that now the company's developers and vendors of control systems offer to test their system for some time, provide a demo or time-limited working versions. Provide and the clients are happy to use this service. But! One thing start fictional representatives of companies and documents into the system, and the other to work it all the time. People actively and willingly "play" in the demo. But what is their reaction when they have to start all my work in? They get a share of responsibility, because you can simply lose available information. It's one thing when it is stored in a familiar location on your computer, and other information when the new system. It is not fully realized and studied the system, the staff is afraid of starting work.

Which way out of this situation can offer the market systems of governance? The company offers a simple way ASoft – Rental. After trying to have users in test mode, you can work in a system for real, and not buying it and renting the necessary number of licenses ASoft CRM. You get immediate access to the system without having to buy any special equipment and software. Not hiring a specialist, you will receive expert technical support, which is included in the rent, which means that at any time will help you, and you can see the benefits of the new versions. After some time you will be able to accurately determine what you need. Do you have enough available functional or need revision? Do you need technical support or system is really as simple as you asserted? Or maybe you arrange rentals, because you get a range of services, do not waste time, money and forces associated with the system. Such a review system for customers of the company ASoft not uncommon. Client to decide in favor of one of the possible acquisition, for the most effective solutions existing problems in the company. The client receives advice on their situation, rather than a list of system functionality. Important for us to make our customers happy and productive work, using ASoft CRM. Fitiskin Alex. Commercial Director 'ASOFT'