Bulgakov House

Contrary to popular belief, wooden house – something strong and durable. The house, built of high quality treated wood can stand for a hundred years without major repairs and become a real family nest for several generations of residents. Over the years, the tree is gaining strength, while the concrete is old and broken. Wood construction – new housing problem was right Bulgakov – housing issue has spoiled the Muscovites, and not only the residents of this metropolis. In pursuit of square meters of people have completely forgotten what life is like in their own comfortable house.

While residents in Europe and America prefer individual houses from environmentally friendly materials, the Russians chose housing in apartment buildings in densely populated areas. But today the situation has changed. Inexpensive and high quality wooden housing was best solution to the problem of housing in a crisis. Those who intend to buy land and build it spacious and beautiful wooden house, they meet no obstacle: building material at hand, House built quickly and cost will be cheap. This tree is in the West elite material for construction. We have the same forest – the most accessible and inexpensive building material and wood construction – our native Russian tradition.

In the wooden building has its disadvantages, for example, if you are building a cottage in the countryside, you will have to seriously consider the question of utility networks. If you are located in the cottage community, it is unlikely faced with the problem of wire electricity and water. But far from civilization to acquire their own generator to supply a windmill, dig a hole, but do not have to depend on others' utilities. Another minus – the question of access roads: well, if the house will maintain a surfaced road, and it will somehow clear the winter. Despite all the costs, two-story wooden house in the clean countryside is not more expensive than a typical urban apartment. Average cost per square meter in the house "turnkey" is 600-1000 dollars, but if you have previously discussed the estimates with the builders, we can reduce the price to $ 150-200 per square meter. The content of wooden houses costing up to 30% cheaper than brick, panel and others, as a wooden house itself perfectly to retain heat, its foundation does not need to be strengthened, and the walls – in finishing. In short, the savings on each item, but not on quality.

Emilia Ugarova

They smell a long and uncomfortable, causing headaches, and sometimes irritating mucosa. Experts advise to buy water-based, water-dispersed, glue and silicate paints that do not contain toxic substances. It is also recommended to completely abstain from the use of nitrocellulose lacquer and nitrokrasok. Although they are very fast drying, making it easy to repair, but later in their application will be faced with a prolonged evaporation of harmful substances. More reasonable to use the let and long drying paints based on natural oils. Henry Fonda oftentimes addresses this issue. For example, paint for outdoor fintex made from natural linseed oil. Purchase “sniffy” Preventing the emergence in the apartment of hazardous paints, floor coverings and other building materials is quite simple.

“In the shop or on the construction market should necessarily be interested in a hygienic product certificate”, – Mrs. Emilia Ugarova, Head Advisory and wellness division of Kaluga Regional Center of Medical Prevention. Anna Belknap pursues this goal as well. Requiring a certificate from the seller, you should pay attention to the following symbols in it. The letter “E1” on the certificate and product packaging indicates its maximum degree of environmental friendliness, “E2” – the average level of environmental performance that is acceptable to common areas, “E3” means that the material is suitable only for interior non-residential premises. In certificate may be prescribed additional information that characterizes the area of goods. “In 2005 our company was certified specifically to get a conclusion about the possible application profile proplex for health care, child care centers and schools. This opinion was issued by the certification body accredited to Gosstroy Russia “, – said Rafiq Alekperov (PROPLEKS).

In addition to mandatory hygiene certificates, some manufacturers may apply to the voluntary labeling products. For example, a recent St. Petersburg Ecological Union has developed a standard “Leaf of Life.” Within its framework, estimated the concentration of all chemical contaminants in building materials, their level of environmental safety. The presence of such an icon on a product is an additional guarantee of its quality. In addition, the safety of a product can be evaluated and their own forces. Buyer shall in any case to embarrass the sharp smell of products that are likely to be a sign of its high toxicity. Thus, healthy and environmentally friendly housing – perhaps the most basic need of any person. And to make your home safe everyone can. Only need more careful attention to the selection of materials for its construction and finish. Building materials we purchase are not so often, so it’s better to spend once more time on their checks than pay for the negligence of their health for many years until the next repair.

Eastern Europe

In fact, after a qualitative overhaul of the old buildings are only supporting structures. So, now widely practiced by the installation of ventilated facades, replacement of roofing (and sometimes replacing the roof: for example, on the gable tiled), insulation of attics, insulation and waterproofing basement complex, restoration of the foundations. A related site: San Antonio Spurs mentions similar findings. Piping and wiring for need to be replaced completely, ie upgrade communications to 100%. As a rule, with effective use of modern materials: for example, plastic and polypropylene pipes instead of steel. So , the renovated building is almost nothing inferior to the newly built. Returning to the German experience, it should be noted that special attention was paid to measures to reduce energy consumption and heat: calculating the Europeans always rely on savings as a means to the citizens themselves, and cost money. So, according to Professor Hauser from the University of Kassel, overspending of energy for heating buildings in Germany is 385 billion kilowatt hours per year, equivalent to burning of 38.5 billion liters of crude oil, and emissions into the atmosphere 92 million tons of carbon dioxide. Reconstruction (sanitation) of buildings mass series (similar to our "") possible to significantly reduce this figure. "During the period from 1991 to 2008 in East Germany sanitized about 70% of prefabricated houses burst of building, – says Bernhard Schwarz, head of the project" Housing in Eastern Europe. " – As a result of their annual energy consumption and heat loss through the exterior building envelope dropped to the level characteristic of new homes being built in Germany today.

Safety Glass

Today, safety glass everywhere – especially it is used widely in construction and automotive industries. However, it appeared by chance. Back in 1903 a French scientist – and in combination as an artist and a composer – Edward Benedictus accidentally dropped a glass flask on the floor and, if not strange, it is not broke. As it turned out, earlier in the flask contained a solution of collodion – he vanished, but the inner surface vessel remained covered with a thin layer. In those years, France is actively developing automotive industry, but the windshield of machines made of ordinary glass, which causes frequent injuries of drivers in collisions. Benedictus considered a very useful application of his invention in cars, but his proposal was not accepted because it considered it too expensive to produce. Only a few decades later – during the Second World War – triplex (the so-called heavy-duty glass) was used in gas masks, and in 1944 Volvo had used it in cars. Triplex now widely used to create a unique and strong decorative elements..

The Light

Every morning for about 5 minutes alarm turns on and played his electronic voice "in the garden is a garden." I do not know the neighbors, and I would probably mad) – from neighbors on the side (on the one hand, they still exist) can be heard through the wall is not very loud phone conversations, and of course music, movies, etc. Identified the following place of penetration of sound and taken appropriate action. 1) electrical outlet. Through the outlet can be a lot to hear, simply annexing the ear. It turned out that inside the supplied unattached plastic cup, followed by a deep cavity, almost to the neighbors. I cut foam cylinders and stuffed into the cavity.

At the top of all the fortified cement mortar. Sounds and conversations ceased. That is an ear attachment to an outlet showed an absolute effect on the lead of the event. 2) radiators. Pipes batteries go into the floor and the ceiling.

And these places are by default are the best for the penetration of the sounds and smells as well as from its neighbors, as it was for me. There are two options: a) tube inserted into the battery is not directly in the cement floor and in the other tube. And so between the pipes, there are gaps through which one could see the light of the apartment below. This gap, I closed up the usual putty. b) tube directly let into the floor. And in case a), and for the case b) I gouging chisel and hammer the cement around the base of the batteries. This was done quite easily.