Current reality and importance of change each company as stated it has given way to its organizational culture and according to the knowledge, vision and commitment to management this has been adapted to the needs of the national and international stage where they operate in order to ensure a participation that favors him. Unfortunately, the companies in the country, (Venezuelan case) especially SMEs, have neglected the relevance, scope, impact that generates having a good and authentic organizational culture, where all members of the Organization are incorporated and engaged in that they provide the benefits expected. For assistance, try visiting Jorge Perez. Why this?, there are several causes, they can be mentioned among some of them: Ignorance of the management, the important thing is to instil an organizational culture adapted to the requirements of the current scenarios and the characteristics of the company. Little identification management with its role in giving way to a culture that allows ensuring a good behavior organizational and thus, a harmonious organizational climate. Little concern of management to train and educate a human resource according to the demands of the present time Absence of participative leadership and motivating Weaknesses of the knowledge, tools, modern administrative fashion Little collaboration of universities, especially their schools of administration at the level of pre and postgraduate courses in please provide knowledge, tools that favour the development of organizational culture that the company needs all this has entailed that many companies have not developed an organizational culture that favors and that allow human resources to manifest their potential, productivity that may lead the company to achieve results that will help you conquer and remain in the markets achieved. Conclusions we share with the need that companies take step to a new more proactive management, visionara, capable of instilling a culture organizacional, own in its human resource needs, demands that the present shows, where, there are many opportunities to get ahead, know you manage and motivate staff, taking into account his talent, human capital possessing and giving them the help that is you need to start the change that allows to give way to a graceful organizational culture. Remember as you signal that the organization is not a simple tool, is a manifestation of values that reflect the personality of a company, an administrative agency that defines, and at the same time is defined by the results of a specific activity. Reference BERAY, Thomas H.

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