Housing Project

According to the official news reports, in the future the government will increase trillions of funds for constructing highway, railway, comfortable housing project, which means that construction industry will get fast development in the next few years. As we all know that it’s necessary for developing construction market to use sands. The traditional river sands are non-renewable resources for a short time; While manufactured sands are rich with convenient materials and low costs. But the manufactured sands are little strange for most people in engineering field who have not any experiences for using manufactured sands. It s the issue for technicians working for concrete industry to make manufactured sands utilities and know more that how to make good use of them. With their efforts and researches, more and more building colleagues can make correct views on using mechanism and promote the development of mechanism sands sands. As is well-known, sands are the indispensable and important part, accounting for 1/3 of the total quality.

With the rapid development of construction industry, demands for sands of construction project are increasing gradually, as for river sands that are the regional resources which can t regenerate in a short time. With the resources exploitations, it s continuous more difficult for mining river sands, and in most regions natural sands resources reduces and even use up. For concrete it must depend on sands, but the river sands prices are higher so that it will affect the progress of engineering construction at the peak of using sands. For economical profits, in our country there are more and more conditions of natural mining sands disorderly, which destroys the river, earth and environment. For environmental protection and natural balance, manufactured sand appears and is used in various construction industries. Today, the processing of sand is a multi-billion dollar business with operations ranging from very small plants supplying sand and gravel to a few local architects to very large, highly automated plants supplying hundreds of truckloads of sand per day to a wide variety of customers over a large area. As natural sand deposits become scarcer and more expensive, there is a greater need to improve the quality and consistency of sand made from rock. Manufactured sand is the product created when coarse sand or rock is processed in a mechanical crusher.

These units are expensive and it takes a long time to produce the desired product. Typically, manufactured sand is about twice as expensive as mined sand, ignoring any difference in shipping costs. Our country used mechanism sands before in some regions for establishing electrical stations, but they are not widely used. Manufactured sand brings a new twist to the decision making process for clubs. However, selecting the right bunker sand not only requires due diligence in the selection process, but the ability to deal with people and manage their expectations. For making good use of mechanism sand, we Hongxing designs and produces VSI sand maker to meet requirements for excellent manufactured sand. We believe that Hongxing sand maker should be to produce 100% manufactured sand that can be used as replacement for the best quality natural sand.